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Nissan: JD Promotion & Compétition and Nissan Canada applaud third Nissan Micra Cup deteriorate and announce series’ renovation for 3 some-more years


Mississauga, Ont. – On Saturday night, JD Promotion Compétition and Nissan distinguished a third deteriorate of a Nissan Micra Cup in Quebec with an annual celebration eventuality for those concerned in creation it a success – including drivers and their teams, partners, array organizers and staff from Nissan Canada. At a event, Joni Paiva, boss of Nissan Canada Inc., announced that Nissan Canada and JD Promotion Compétition have extended a Nissan Micra Cup agreement for 3 some-more years, with races to start in both Ontario and Quebec once again.

“The Nissan Micra Cup has grown a lot over a past 3 years – we’ve recorded a exclusive, though welcoming and veteran array theme, and have non-stop a doors to a many incomparable audience,” pronounced Joni Paiva, president, Nissan Canada Inc. “The Nissan Micra Cup is some-more than usually a motorsport series. It is a covenant to a reliability; affordability; and peculiarity fundamental not usually in a Micra, though all Nissans in a portfolio. The Nissan Micra Cup is also another approach for us to bond on a deeper turn with a ubiquitous public, a fans, Nissan owners and Nissan dealers, and we’re anxious to move a family suggestion of a Nissan Micra Cup behind to Canadian marks for 3 some-more years.”

The Nissan Micra Cup was launched in 2015 as Canada’s many affordable racing series, with all drivers regulating identical, roughly batch Nissan Micra S competition cars charity fun behind a circle and reliability. In a initial year, a Nissan Micra Cup took place in Quebec only, and in 2016, it stretched to Ontario, bringing new drivers and even some-more fad to a track. In 2017, a prophesy for a Nissan Micra Cup developed even further. With a idea of attracting some-more than usually racing enthusiasts, a Nissan Micra Cup put on a array of special consumer-focused events and invited Nissan Micra owners to attend a competition weekends free-of-charge.

Of note is that Nissan Canada was a categorical automotive partner for a 2017 Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières (GP3R). About 700 Nissan business were invited to a competition weekend, and were declare to a giveaway concert, From a Track to a Stage, featuring Nissan Micra Cup motorist and Quebec comedian, Michel Barrette, as good as leader of La Voix 3, Kevin Bazinet. This beginning brought a many incomparable assembly to a GP3R competition weekend, augmenting a strech of a series.

“Since a launch in 2015, a Nissan Micra Cup has been a outrageous success, during all levels, both in Canada and even internationally,” pronounced Jacques Deshaies, owners of JD Promotion Compétition and a array promoter. “In 3 years, a Nissan Micra Cup has turn a heading racing array in a inhabitant motorsports community, while also remaining a many permitted and affordable. We are really unapproachable of this 100 per cent Canadian feat and demeanour brazen saying it grow and develop even some-more over a subsequent 3 years.”

Over a past 3 years, approximately 25 cars have competed for a championship pretension any season, with drivers from really different backgrounds and varying levels of experience. To date, a entrance list has enclosed drivers trimming from 18 to 64 years-old, 4 women, 5 general drivers and member from 12 Nissan dealerships. Additionally, a Nissan Micra Cup races have featured a array of obvious veteran drivers from NASCAR and other prestigious racing series, including Richard Spenard, Louis Philippe Montour, Karl Wittmer, Bertrand Godin, Aaron Povoledo , Patrick Dussault and Jesse Lazare, to name a few.

Several celebrities also took partial in a array and competed on a lane during a array of Nissan Micra Cup competition weekends. In further to Quebec comedian Michel Barrette, Canadian figure skater and Olympic medalist, Elvis Stojko, Quebec actor Jeff Boudreault and TV anchors Carl Nadeau and Benoit Gagnon, had zero though certain things to contend about their knowledge racing behind a wheels of their Nissan Micras.

Another prominence is that both of a Nissan Micra Cup championship winners, Olivier Bédard in 2015 and 2017, as good as Xavier Coupal in 2016, were recipients of a Gilles Villeneuve Trophy, one of a many prestigious annual awards in a universe of Quebec motorsports.

“We are really vehement to announce a prolongation of a Nissan Micra Cup in Canada,” pronounced Michael Carcamo, tellurian motorsports director, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. “The Nissan Micra Cup represents a many affordable racing height in Canada. Along with rival drivers and sparkling competition venues, a Nissan Micra has proven a continuance and trustworthiness in a many heated environment, motorsport racing. We demeanour brazen to some-more good racing in a years to come and we honour all a participants of a initial 3 seasons.”

More sum on a 2018 Nissan Micra Cup calendar to come in a winter.

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