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Nissan: Le Mans leader Marc Gene to competition a Nissan GT-R LM NISMO

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YOKOHAMA, Japan – The initial motorist of Nissan’s Le Mans challenger, a Nissan GT-R LM NISMO, will be Marc Gene. The Spanish ace has an model record in LM P1 racing with 8 LM P1 Le Mans 24 Hours races underneath his belt. Gene’s believe is many in demand, and he has been exam motorist during Scuderia Ferrari given 2005.

Gene will yield Nissan NISMO with a organisation substructure of believe in a pushing squad. He describes Le Mans as “the best competition in a world” and already knows how it feels to win a good competition undisguised after doing usually that in 2009.

“We pronounced during a start of a motorist hunt that we wanted an determined LM P1 motorist who could yield a additional believe and believe that can usually be gained by carrying ‘been there and finished it’,” pronounced Darren Cox, tellurian conduct of Brand, Marketing Sales, NISMO. “In Marc, we have found a Le Mans leader who has raced for dual LM P1 works teams and can yield a running palm for a other drivers who are stepping adult to LM P1. We are really happy to acquire Marc to Nissan and demeanour brazen to a growth of a successful relationship.”



Five Minutes with Marc:

Q1: How critical do we consider it is for a new group to have an gifted motorist like yourself?

Gene: Nissan NISMO is a good group already. From a really commencement we have gifted a really good atmosphere in a team. The mechanics and engineers are all really veteran and many have Le Mans experience. From my side, my believe in works teams will really assistance Nissan, as we have already faced a plea we are all now facing. Our idea is to strech a lectern and eventually win Le Mans. However we are all wakeful that during Le Mans there are no shortcuts, and we will usually grasp a goals with time and tough work – generally now that it is substantially a many rival Le Mans ever with 4 opposite manufacturers.

Q2: What does it feel like to win Le Mans?

Gene: Winning Le Mans was a many heated feeling we have ever had as a racing driver. we was propitious to be in a automobile for a final stint, and on that prolonged final lap, with all a marshals congratulating me and with some-more than 200,000 spectators cheering, it was unfit to enclose my feelings. Then came a lectern and all we can see is this outrageous crowd, thousands of fans who have followed a competition from a beginning.

Q3: You will contest in a full FIA World Endurance Championship season. What are your expectations for a year ahead?

Gene: This deteriorate we should usually concentration on training about and improving a automobile each time we conduct out onto a track, either for contrast or racing. Making it to a finish would already be an feat on a own. we wish we can uncover that a automobile is competitive, generally during Le Mans.



Q4: What can we tell us about a Nissan GT-R LM NISMO from a driver’s perspective?

Gene: I like a assertive demeanour of a car, that is a effect of a well-thought and opposite design, not seen before during Le Mans. From a really initial laps we felt really comfortable. we could feel a really absolute engine and high potency of a aerodynamics.

Q5: Are we happy to turn a Nissan driver?

Gene: I am gay and really vehement to expostulate for Nissan. we have always looked closely during Nissan and a motorsport programs, generally during a GT-R activities and of march a highway automobile models. Now to be competing with Nissan in a LM P1 GT-R in a many perfectionist and prestigious competition in a universe is something we am really unapproachable of.



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