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Nissan LEAF Wins Car of a Year Japan 2011-2012



Nissan LEAF Wins Car of a Year Japan 2011-2012

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is unapproachable to announce that a 100% electric Nissan LEAF has won a Car of a Year Japan 2011-2012 award.

The Car of a Year Japan 2011-2012 leader was announced during a 42nd Tokyo Motor Show*1 venue. This is a 32nd year that a Car of a Year Japan awards has been held, and it is a initial time in a prolonged story that an electric car has won this prestigious award.

Nissan LEAF is a zero-emission car that emits no CO2 while it is being driven. With optimally-placed lithium-ion batteries, a high-performance electric engine as good as modernized control technologies, Nissan LEAF achieves clever and well-spoken acceleration performance, glorious quietness, glorious roving comfort and glorious doing stability. Comfortable and fun pushing is extended by a dedicated on-board IT complement that can be accessed by remote control around mobile phones. Nissan LEAF will also be means to supply electricity to houses around a high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. The Nissan LEAF offers new mobility value as a universe shifts toward a tolerable zero-emission society, not usually as a means of transportation, though also as an component of amicable infrastructure on comment of a ability to store electricity.

“We have sole 20,000 Nissan LEAFs and also delivered on a guarantee of affordable, zero-emission mobility on a tellurian scale. This endowment is as most a win for Nissan as it is for a customers,” pronounced Nissan President and CEO Carlos Ghosn. “All these accolades uncover that zero-emission vehicles can clearly be rival alternatives to required ones.”

Nissan LEAF was also named a 2012 RJC Car of a Year endowment winner, presented by a Automotive Researchers’ Journalists’ Conference of Japan, in further to winning a Japan Automotive Hall of Fame’s 2011-2012 Car of a Year, a 2011 European Car of a Year and a 2011 World Car of a Year accolades. The Car of a Year Japan respect is another approval of a Nissan LEAF’s value and lure that has perceived high regard from business around a world.

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*1 The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show will be hold during a Tokyo Big Sight general muster core (3-11-1, Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan) from Saturday, Dec 3rd by Sunday, Dec 11th, 2011.

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