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Nissan: Michael Krumm Takes Nissan ZEOD RC Wheel in Fuji Speedway Debut

OYAMA-CHO, Japan – The Nissan ZEOD RC done a entrance run during Fuji Speedway on Friday with former GT1 Champion Michael Krumm during a wheel, relocating from pattern house to a lane in usually 7 months.

The ZEOD is on arrangement during a six-hour FIA World Endurance Championship in Japan during Fuji this weekend.

“It’s like being in a opposite world. As shortly as we sat in a cockpit, it was code new. Even a buttons are totally opposite from a required competition car,” Krumm said.

“I have driven a LEAF NISMO RC before, though it was good to be in a full Le Mans-spec cockpit.”

Former GT Academy leader Lucas Ordonez will also work with Nissan in scheming a ZEOD RC for a “Garage 56″participation during subsequent year’s competition during 24 Hours of Le Mans.

“It was good fun. This was a low-speed demonstration, though we could feel a good response from a car,” Krumm said.

“Normally, electric vehicles don’t have a transmission, though this automobile has a full racing gearbox connected to a motor. The gearbox is a same as a normal racing car. It has an electric powertrain that gives we a unequivocally new feeling. It was unequivocally fun.”


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