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Nissan: Nissan Canada presents a 2017 Award for Environmental Journalism

Mississauga, Ont. – Nissan is unapproachable to announce a winner, and runner-up, of a 2017 Award for Environmental Journalism. The 2017 Award for Environmental Journalism has been awarded to Stephanie Wallcraft for her story, “Five Takeaways from AJAC’s 2017 EcoRun.The runner-up is Greg Wilson, for his underline story titled, “The 105 year-old EV that still runs today.” Both articles are published on

The leader and runner-up were comparison by 3 judges whom have unconstrained knowledge relations to environmental-topics in a automotive industry, and operation in a areas of marketing; promotion business development; communications, and car sales.

The judges supposed submissions for a Environmental Journalism from AJAC members via Canada. When creation their selection, judges cruise pattern investigate of a subject, a ability to succinctly benefaction a calm to a reader, a transparent and verifiable impact of a theme on a sourroundings as good as a altogether essay character of a piece.

“For a patron perplexing to know what a best options are when it comes to an careful vehicle, a resources are endless. Through Stephanie Wallcraft’s intelligent singularity of a 2017 AJAC EcoRun, a normal Canadian can cut by a information clutter, and entirely know all of a factors to keep in mind when it comes to pushing in a approach that advantages themselves, and also a environment,” says Didier Marsaud, director, Corporate Communications, Nissan Canada Inc.

The awards were presented Oct 25th during an annual awards party hosted by a Automobile Journalists Association of Canada.

“It’s a fact that automobiles will usually turn cleaner, and ‘greener’ with time. As we demeanour to a healthier destiny on a roads, it’s critical to know where we’re entrance from. Applying downright investigate efforts, Greg Wilson provides a entirely interesting review on a story of a electric vehicle, while deftly restraining in a internal angle, and a charming expel of characters in his story,” concludes Marsaud.

As a colonize of mass-market electric vehicles, and as a new unite of a award, Nissan proudly supports a Environmental Journalism award’s strange intent: to support journalistic stating on a environmental emanate of personal travel including, though not singular to: design, manufacture, upkeep and recyclability.


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