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Nissan: Nissan congratulates Taxelco for a launch of Canada’s initial all-electric cab service

Montréal Québec, – This past Wednesday, Montréal witnessed an critical event: a launch of Canada’s initial all-electric cab service. Taxelco and a partners including Nissan – denounced a company’s visible identity, a fleet’s initial vehicles and a service’s communication platform. For a initial all-electric vehicles in a Montréal fleet, Taxelco group members chose Nissan as one of 3 automobile manufacturers to partner with, heading them to squeeze 24 2016 Nissan LEAF vehicles.

“Nissan is gay to have been selected as a partner and retailer of electric vehicles for Montréal’s electric cab commander project,” pronounced Christian Meunier, boss of Nissan Canada Inc. “The Québec EV marketplace is a priority for Nissan since over 50 per cent of Nissan LEAF vehicles sole in Canada are sole in Québec.”

“This proclamation is a outrageous miracle for Montréal’s cab industry. Our new electric cab devise is called Téo, that stands for Transport Écologique Optimisé, or optimized environmental transportation,” pronounced Alexandre Taillefer, Managing Partner during XPND Capital. “The use strictly launches on Nov 26 of this year when a swift of 50 taxis start pushing a city streets. We devise to have about 2,000 in dissemination by May 2019. We are advantageous to have partnered with all-electric automobile manufacturers such as Nissan, and we are assured that these zero-emission vehicles will accommodate a needs of both cab drivers and their customers.”

“It’s moving to see that companies such as Taxelco wish to make a cab attention some-more essential as good as improving a environmental footprint by regulating entirely electric vehicles. Together, we are unapproachable to uncover that emission-free pushing creates clarity from a cost of tenure perspective, and also helps to grasp healthier and some-more habitable cities. This is transparent explanation not usually that many Quebecers commend a outrageous cost-savings in owning a Nissan LEAF, though also that a electric automobile marketplace is building strongly, generally in this province,” resolved Meunier.

Launched final Oct with a new 30 kWh battery, a Nissan LEAF 2016 offers a best-in-class operation of 172 km, a 27 per cent boost over a prior 24 kWh battery. The Nissan LEAF 2016 is versed with a customary Quick Charge Port on all models and a new battery is customary for LEAF SV and LEAF SL models. The 2016 indication also offers an extended IT complement that is some-more user-friendly and gives drivers larger automobile connectivity.

Since Nissan LEAF launched in Dec 2010, Nissan has been a tellurian personality in electric automobile (EV) sales, with an all-electric automobile privately designed for a mass market. The Nissan LEAF has proven itself in Canada and generally in Québec, where sales have tripled in a past dual years.


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