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Nissan: Nissan Juke: Folded in Britain

  • British artist, Owen Gildersleeve, creates life-size Origami reproduction of Nissan Juke
  • Unique paper sculpture uses 2,000 folded pieces of paper and took 200 hours to make
  • The sculpture celebrates a fifth anniversary of a Juke, that is Nissan’s second best-selling indication in Europe with over 700,000 sole given launch
  • Video display a Origami Juke launched at:

They contend a best ideas start with only a vacant square of paper.

Celebrating a model’s 5th anniversary – and a market-leading sales of over 700,000 – Nissan and a British paper artist have collaborated on a singular plan to emanate a full-scale Origami Juke.

In a curtsy to Nissan’s Japanese birthright and desirous by a unequivocally initial stairs of automobile pattern – removing ideas onto paper – artist Owen Gildersleeve palm built a perplexing reproduction indication from paper to a accurate measure of a stream Juke.

Owen took some-more than 200 hours and folded some-more than 2,000 pieces of paper to emanate a minute sculpture.

The Origami Juke facilities a same confidant pattern cues – such as a circle fenders, lights and grille – that give a real-life indication a particular character.

Artist Owen Gildersleeve said: “This was a good plan to work on – tough work nonetheless unequivocally rewarding. As a jubilee square it draws on so many influences, such as a origami concentration desirous by Nissan’s Japanese roots. Using so many particular pieces of paper to emanate a altogether structure also represents a thousands of people who helped move a Nissan Juke into existence and a thousands who continue to do so right here in a UK.”

The Nissan Juke’s bold, standout styling has been a pivotal cause in a model’s success. Nissan combined a code new ‘compact crossover’ zone with a launch of a car, charity motorists something totally different, in terms of design, to any other automobile on a road.

The Juke, that is built in Nissan’s plant in Sunderland, reaches a fifth birthday this year. Since initial deliveries began in Oct 2010, some-more than 150,000 Juke models have been sole in a UK alone, with over 700,000 sum sales opposite Europe, creation it a continent’s best-selling compress crossover.

The Juke’s longer-term destiny in Britain was recently cumulative when Nissan reliable that a Sunderland plant would furnish a next-generation Juke benefiting from a serve £100 million investment in a Sunderland trickery and securing a plant into 2020.

Darryl Scriven, Design Manager during Nissan’s Design Centre for Europe, said: “The initial step of any automobile pattern involves putting pencil to paper. From that elementary start, it’s a formidable tour to prolongation involving hundreds of learned people, thousands of man-hours and millions in investment. So we consider it’s unequivocally good that on a fifth birthday, we applaud a Nissan Juke with a reverence that harks behind to that simple, nonetheless bold, initial step, all carried out with Nissan’s signature creation and fad of course.”

The Origami Juke is suggested as ‘World Origami Days’ are distinguished opposite a universe between 24th Oct and 11th November.

See some-more of Nissan’s origami Juke by viewing:



QA with Matthew Weaver, Project Lead Designer for Nissan Juke during launch

How does it feel to see Juke 5 years on from a launch and still going strong?

Great! It was lovely to detect such a confidant design, and equally gratifying to see it remaining one of a many adventurous and sparkling cars on a road. With that we competence consider it was a haven of a few nonetheless it’s good to see many people unequivocally enjoying a car.

From a pattern perspective, what do we consider has done Juke such a success?

The Juke is iconic, it does not simply rest on graphical elements, a DNA is of a special type. By this it could be pronounced that a Juke is recognizable from half a mile away. In a universe of sound drum a Juke adds a dash of colour.

What are a 3 pivotal styling cues that make Juke distinct any other automobile on a road?

Undeniably a front light graphics are so clever that it gave a Juke a unequivocally heroic attitude. Then a cabin pattern with a tilted roof and parsimonious window graphics hinting during a high opening products like a GTR. Overall nonetheless we consider it’s a car’s mass and volumes that set it apart. It’s inexhaustible to a indicate of over safeguarding a occupants nonetheless nimble adequate to plan a sporty drive.

What desirous a name ‘Juke’?

To Juke is to evasion and outwit; seems to fit a car!


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