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Nissan: Nissan Kickoff Project to Support Students Across Canada for Fourth Consecutive Year

Mississauga, Ont. – Starting with 6 schools opposite 3 provinces, a Nissan Kickoff Project, in partnership with a Canadian Football League (CFL), has returned for a fourth uninterrupted year to warn Canadian high schools with a specific support they need to play football. The Nissan Kickoff Project provides struggling high propagandize football programs opposite Canada with financial funding, equipment, uniforms and motivational events. This year, a module will assistance scarcely 800 students from 16 schools nationally in 12 cities and 6 provinces coast-to-coast.

“The Nissan Kickoff Project is behind for a fourth uninterrupted year, and we are vehement to build on a work that has already been finished to give Canada’s subsequent era a event to learn and grow on a team,” pronounced Steve Rhind, executive of marketing, Nissan Canada Inc. “The Nissan Kickoff Project has done a poignant disproportion in a series of Canadian communities, and we are unapproachable to continue providing high propagandize football teams with a much-needed support they require.”

The Nissan Kickoff Project assists high schools that have a passion for a game, though are in need of resources to attend in football. Schools are afterwards comparison in areas where Nissan dealers and, where possible, a CFL and a teams are means to take partial during a essential internal level. For a program’s fourth year, some-more than 23 Nissan dealerships and 4 CFL teams, including a B.C. Lions, Edmonton Eskimos, Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Hamilton Tiger-Cats, are approaching to attend on varying levels.

This year’s module began in Oct 2017 and has visited 6 high schools so far, including Harry Ainlay High School in Edmonton, AB on Friday, Oct 20. The Nissan Kickoff Project astounded a students during Harry Ainlay High School during their unchanging deteriorate diversion with an amplified diversion experience, including an coming by a Edmonton Eskimos hearten group and mascots. In addition, a Nissan Kickoff Project donated $5,000 to any group to assistance grow a diversion of football in Canada. Looking ahead, 10 additional high schools will be astounded with a accumulation of support via Oct and Nov as a football deteriorate gets underway.

“The Nissan Kickoff Project will concede a module to reinstate aged apparatus with new, safer apparatus for a players,” pronounced Tyler Greenslade, manager of a Harry Ainlay Titans football team. “The whole knowledge with Nissan Canada was initial category and a kids were propitious to be selected, as this is a memory that will final a lifetime.”

Nissan has been a unapproachable unite of a CFL for 10 years, and will work with a CFL once again to assistance sight and motivate a subsequent era of Canadian football players by a Nissan Kickoff Project. To date, a Nissan Kickoff Project has upheld scarcely 3,500 students from 72 schools nationally in 39 cities and 9 provinces coast-to-coast. This year, a CFL will be providing a series of poignant contributions including profitable insights, donations of training apparatus and special actor appearances. The Nissan Kickoff Project, in partnership with a CFL, is carefree that this knowledge will inspire teamwork, cooperation, tough work and friendship, benefitting communities opposite Canada.

“I’m so unapproachable of a success of a Nissan Kickoff Project,” pronounced Randy Ambrosie, CFL Commissioner. “It’s been so smashing to be partial of this profitable module ancillary a expansion of a diversion that gives such good opportunities to Canadian communities. We’re vehement to once again move support, resources, and football to students in this fourth year.”

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