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Nissan: Nissan launches IMQ judgment during 2019 Geneva Motor Show

GENEVA, Switzerland – Nissan now denounced a all-new IMQ judgment vehicle, an modernized record and settlement showcase that signals a instruction of a subsequent era of crossovers.

Unveiled during a Geneva International Motor Show, a IMQ seamlessly blends Japanese birthright with state-of-the-art, human-centric technology. It incorporates a latest innovations that move to life Nissan Intelligent Mobility, a brand’s prophesy for a destiny of automotive transportation. Its styling reflects Nissan’s purpose as a colonize and personality in crossovers, with a distinguished demeanour that pushes a bounds of what a European crossover can be.

At a heart of a IMQ is a subsequent era of e-POWER, a 100% electric engine expostulate complement that delivers instant, linear acceleration. It has been serve grown from a e-POWER record now accessible in a best-selling Nissan Note and Serena models in Japan. In a IMQ, it delivers a sum outlay of 250 kilowatts and 700 Nm of torque.

This high outlay is channeled by a new multi-motor all-wheel-drive system, delivering accurate and eccentric control of any wheel. The multiple of e-POWER and AWD is ideal for low-grip conditions, such as a snowy alpine roads outward Geneva.

The IMQ offers additional insights into Nissan’s record vision. It’s versed with an modernized antecedent chronicle of Nissan’s ProPILOT* pushing assistance complement that can offer extended unconstrained pushing capability. The indication also facilities Nissan’s Invisible-to-Visible technology, denounced in Jan 2019 during a CES trade show.

Exterior and interior settlement combine as one

The IMQ’s measure place it during a core of a European C-crossover segment. It demonstrates a purify and free design, with a extraneous and interior merging as one. This is many distinguished in a lines of a greenhouse, designed to give a sense of a singular continual surface.

The IMQ outlines a confidant new instruction in Nissan’s settlement language. It builds on a Nissan badge, integrated into a V-motion grille, that has been given a deliberately some-more pointed execution. The grille blends plumb into a hood and horizontally with a front buffer to emanate clever corners during a outdoor edges. The hood facilities distinguished chrome-edged cuts as a buffer rises from a circle arches and tucks underneath a executive section.

At a rear, a straight impression line drops from a light cluster to apart atmosphere as it passes down a side, helping aerodynamic performance. At a top end, it’s integrated into a new slim line interpretation of Nissan’s “boomerang” flare cluster. The single-piece tailgate tucks underneath a behind fenders, echoing a settlement of a hood.

Closer investigation reveals endless use of three-dimensional ridges on a darkened reduce sections of a exterior. These minute layers – famous as lamellas – are evocative of Japanese normal settlement and extend all around a car.

The extraneous is finished by 22-inch amalgamate wheels with bespoke Bridgestone Connect tires. These “smart” tires promulgate information to a motorist around a graphical user interface. Data transmitted includes tire load, pressure, temperature, hold level, wear and tire health. This helps a IMQ automatically regulate a in-car control systems to work optimally.

The Japanese settlement themes, blended with contemporary technology, continue inside. The IMQ’s doors are hinged during their outdoor edges and open to exhibit a futuristic, atmospheric interior, featuring 4 particular seats that arise seamlessly from a lamella-covered floor, that provides a manifest couple to a exterior.

Nissan’s informed “gliding wing” instrument row dominates a front of a cabin, with a core console rising from underneath and stretching behind between a front seats into a rear.

Each sculpted chair is finished in a two-tone 3D technical fabric, laser-cut in a geometric settlement desirous by Japanese kumiko woodwork. The settlement is replicated on a instrument panel, doorway trim and parcel shelf, as good as a abounding lead finish of a chair back. Lamellas have also been integrated into a doorway trim and chair behind uppers as headrest supports.

Futuristic control for a ultimate drive

Everything about a IMQ’s interior is focused on a driver. This is demonstrated by a graphical user interface, dominated by an 840-millimeter shade embedded in a instrument panel. It’s totally black – like a smartphone – when powered down, though when powered up, it comes to life to yield e-POWER standing and other automobile information. Further use of a black lamellas is always manifest behind a screen.

A smaller, delegate shade above a core console hosts a IMQ’s Virtual Personal Assistant. It enhances a pushing knowledge by determining automobile functions, such as navigation, in response to submit from a driver.

The steering circle is ergonomically done to put a motorist in a loose position and to maximize a prominence of a instrument panel. Advanced, “soft-touch” paddle shift-style functionality is built into a behind of a wheel.

A record showcase

The IMQ is versed with Nissan’s Invisible-to-Visible (I2V) technology, a 3-D interface where a “real world” converges with a practical world. Developed by Nissan, I2V helps automobile occupants see what might differently be invisible, adding certainty and fad to a pushing experience.

The event to “see a invisible” is done probable with Nissan’s Omni-Sensing record that connects a IMQ to real-world intuiting information inside and outward a vehicle’s cabin, total with information from a practical world, displayed before a motorist and newcomer for a abounding mixed-reality experience.

The record can assistance drivers see around corners, daydream accurate information about trade jams – including causes – and establish choice routes for a stress-free journey. Drivers might even suffer a association of a practical passenger, in a form of a 3D augmented-reality avatar inside a car.

Nissan’s joining to an unconstrained future, as laid out in a Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision, is also reflected in a IMQ. The automobile is versed with an modernized antecedent ProPILOT motorist assistance system, aiding drivers on civic streets and suburban highways. This is probable due to an array of modernized sensors, radars and cameras located via a automobile that can appreciate road, trade and information signals for a well-spoken and assured ride.

“The IMQ’s settlement combines normal and complicated Japanese influences and shows what’s probable when destiny crossovers are powered by Nissan Intelligent Mobility,” pronounced Alfonso Albaisa, comparison clamp boss for settlement during Nissan. “With a IMQ, a interior and extraneous are seamlessly blended together, signalling what a settlement instruction might be for Nissan’s third era of crossovers in Europe.”


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*ProPILOT Assist in a U.S.