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Nissan: Nissan LEAF initial electric automobile to pass 400,000 sales

YOKOHAMA, Japan – The Nissan LEAF currently became a initial electric automobile in story to transcend 400,000 sales, solidifying a model’s heading purpose in a tellurian change toward some-more tolerable mobility.

Introduced in 2010 as a world’s initial mass-market electric vehicle, a Nissan LEAF has led a approach in creation a fad and preference of electric pushing permitted to non-luxury buyers. Less than a decade ago, electric cars were seen as a niche product, and LEAF business were mostly “early adopters.”

Today, a flourishing series of consumers contend their subsequent automobile might be electric. Customers are selecting a LEAF for a powerful, flexible opening and modernized technologies, such as a ProPILOT Assist semiautonomous pushing system1, in further to a advantages of tolerable mobility.

“This miracle is a absolute matter that 400,000 customers, and counting, value a Nissan LEAF for a excitement, certainty and tie it delivers,” pronounced Executive Vice President Daniele Schillaci, Nissan’s tellurian conduct of marketing, sales and electric vehicles. “The LEAF stays a idol of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, a plan for relocating some-more people to a improved world.”

In rising a first-generation LEAF, Nissan affianced to turn a tellurian personality in producing and compelling vehicles with 0 tailpipe emissions. The association committed itself to operative with governments and application companies to support a adoption of electric vehicles, make charging them easier and some-more convenient, and rise second-life uses for electric automobile batteries.

Since then, Nissan has shaped partnerships around a universe underneath a Nissan Energy initiative. These partnerships will precedence a ability of electric automobile batteries to store appetite and share it with homes, businesses and appetite grids – creation electric vehicles even some-more useful, while compelling fit appetite use.

Meanwhile, LEAF owners have driven their cars some-more than 10 billion kilometers in total. The series of LEAF vehicles sole given 2010 is adequate to save 3.8 million barrels of oil a year.2

Last year, a LEAF was not usually a best-selling electric automobile in Europe, though also a top-selling automobile of any kind in Norway.

The Nissan LEAF is accessible in some-more than 50 markets globally. It will go on sale in 6 new markets in Latin America in a initial half of this year and 7 in Asia and Oceania by a finish of a year.

The new LEAF

Recently, a indication with a new powertrain assimilated a lineup: a Nissan LEAF PLUS, that offers increasing appetite and adult to 226 miles of range. Sales of a LEAF PLUS began in late Jan in Japan. Canadian sales will start this spring, and Europe will follow shortly thereafter.

The Nissan LEAF embodies a 3 pillars of Nissan Intelligent Mobility – Intelligent Power, Intelligent Drive and Intelligent Integration. The car’s innovative electric powertrains reflect a first, while ProPILOT Assist, accessible in many markets, showcases a second. Designed for single-lane pushing on a highway, ProPILOT Assist maintains speed and line position while shortening motorist fatigue.

Nissan Intelligent Integration

The Nissan LEAF has also non-stop adult a new universe of purify appetite capabilities that widen over fit transportation.

Nissan Energy is an ecosystem centered on Nissan electric vehicles that make them even some-more useful to business by leveraging their batteries’ ability to store and share energy. It enables electric automobile owners to simply bond their cars with appetite systems to assign their batteries, appetite homes and businesses or assistance change appetite grids. As partial of Nissan Energy, a association has already started infrastructure pilots in Europe, Japan and a U.S., and destiny blurb uses are in development.

Nissan Energy also includes new efforts to reuse batteries, a critical step in enhancing a sustainability of electric vehicles. Along with vital partners, Nissan has taken LEAF batteries and repurposed them for use in off-grid travel lighting, appetite banks for sports complexes, and more.

LEAF manufacturing

The Nissan LEAF is built during 3 factories: Oppama, Japan; Sunderland, England; and Smyrna, Tennessee.

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1 Available on comparison grades. ProPILOT record is designed to support a motorist and is not a surrogate for correct pushing procedures and continual highway awareness. Always expostulate carefully, ensuring we compensate courtesy to a highway and conditions around you. See Owner’s Manual for details. ProPILOT is called ProPILOT Assist in Canada.
2 Total stretch driven is formed on extrapolations from a genuine information of approximately 50% of customers. Oil expenditure information is formed on U.S. EPA fuel economy data, by comparing Nissan LEAF with 2019 Nissan Versa 1.6 L, 4 cyl, Automatic.
3 The pushing operation of a Nissan LEAF is 400 km formed on a Japanese JC08 customary and 322 km formed on a WLTC Japan cycle standard. MY18 EPA operation is 150 miles. Combined pushing cycle operation is 270 kilometers underneath Europe’s new WLTP emissions and economy standard. Driving operation total are performed underneath specific exam conditions. Actual operation will change with trim levels, discretionary equipment, maintenance, pushing function ambient heat and continue and pushing conditions; see Customer Disclosure Form for details. The LEAF e+ is called LEAF Plus in Canada.
4 Available on comparison grades. The ProPILOT Park system’s efficacy is theme to road, automobile and environmental conditions. Always expostulate carefully, ensuring we compensate courtesy to a highway and conditions around you. See Owner’s Manual for details.

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