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Nissan: Nissan LEAF helps to energy company’s North American comforts with new charging technology

  • U.S. commander module leverages appetite stored in a Nissan LEAF to assistance appetite buildings during peak-load times, shortening dear direct charges as partial of new tellurian Nissan Energy beginning
  • Nissan Energy establishes new standards for joining vehicles to appetite systems by 3 pivotal areas: Nissan Energy Supply, Nissan Energy Share and Nissan Energy Storage.

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – Imagine a record that could assistance companies save on their electric application costs by simply regulating appetite already stored in electric vehicles (EVs). Working with Fermata Energy, a vehicle-to-grid systems company, Nissan North America is rising a new commander module underneath a Nissan Energy Share initiative, that leverages bi‑directional EV charging record to partially appetite a North American domicile in Franklin, TN, and a pattern core in San Diego, CA.

As a name implies, bi-directional charging record means not usually charging a Nissan LEAF, though also pulling appetite stored in a LEAF’s battery container to partially appetite outmost electrical loads, such as buildings and homes.

“As a usually automobile on a marketplace utilizing bi-directional charging, a Nissan LEAF proves unusually useful while on a highway and also while parked,” pronounced Brian Maragno, Director, EV Sales and Marketing, Nissan North America. “As a colonize in a EV space, we’re anxious to continue to uncover new, suggestive technologies that precedence a LEAF’s flourishing capabilities.”

Ideal for companies with swift vehicles, a Nissan Energy Share commander module will invariably guard a building’s electrical loads, looking for opportunities to intermittently pull on a LEAF’s “lower-cost energy” to yield appetite to a building during some-more costly high-demand periods. This consistent monitoring, called demand-charge management, could outcome in poignant electricity assets and could offer a delegate advantage of shortening a weight of rise loads on internal utilities.

The Nissan Energy Share commander module regulating Nissan LEAFs will offer as a exam of both record and business viability as Nissan and Fermata Energy examine a outcome for probable commercialization.  

Nissan also has a series of other “second-life battery” initiatives for Nissan LEAF batteries, including installing second-life LEAF batteries during a North American comforts along with questioning new recycling methods for lithium ion batteries. Leading a industry, Nissan has also perceived acceptance for second-life LEAF batteries to be used in still appetite storage.

Under a tellurian plan, called Nissan Energy, owners of Nissan’s electric vehicles will be means to simply bond their cars with appetite systems to assign their batteries, appetite homes and businesses or feed appetite behind to appetite grids. The association will also rise new ways to reuse electric automobile batteries.

Nissan has already begun programs in a U.S., Japan and Europe directed during formulating an “ecosystem” around a operation of electric vehicles, including a Nissan LEAF, a world’s best-selling electric car. Nissan Energy brings these initiatives together as partial of a company’s Nissan Intelligent Mobility strategy.

“Nissan Energy will capacitate a business to use their electric cars for most some-more than only pushing – now they can be used in scarcely each aspect of a customer’s lives,” pronounced Executive Vice President Daniele Schillaci, Nissan’s tellurian conduct of selling and sales. “Our Nissan Intelligent Mobility prophesy calls for changing how cars are integrated with society, and Nissan Energy turns that prophesy into reality.”

Nissan Energy will settle new standards for joining vehicles to appetite systems by 3 pivotal initiatives: Nissan Energy Supply, Nissan Energy Share, and Nissan Energy Storage.

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