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Nissan: Nissan LEAF wins 2019 AJAC Canadian Green Car of a Year award

Vancouver, British Columbia – The Nissan LEAF, a world’s best-selling electric vehicle, was named a 2019 Canadian Green Car of a Year (CGCOTY) by a Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) during a Vancouver International Auto Show.

The Nissan LEAF has been reinvented for a second era featuring a 243-kilometre pushing range1, all-new appealing extraneous design, ample high tech interior and modernized technologies including ProPILOT Assist and e-Pedal.

“As a colonize of a world’s first, mass-market electric vehicle, we have a avocation to offer Canadians an EV that offers more, and continues to spearhead a enrichment of a zero-emission segment,” says Joni Paiva, boss of Nissan Canada Inc. “;We have achieved that with a new Nissan LEAF, that provides a right operation during a right price, charity a apartment of modernized reserve technology, and customary facilities privately for Canada.”

Entries for Canadian Green Car of a Year and Canadian Green Utility Vehicle of a Year contingency accommodate a customary mandate for entrance into a Canadian Car of a Year awards program, and contingency prove additional criteria for fuel potency formed on a entry’s size, powertrain and purpose.

All entries are tested by some-more than 65 AJAC reporters opposite Canada. Evaluation takes place over months on opposite highway surfaces and highway conditions via a year and during AJAC’s autumn Test Fest event.

“;We are celebrated to be famous by AJAC members. We also conclude a bid put in by AJAC to weigh usually for this ‘Green’ category, separating normal vehicles from those that offer modernized powertrains to move a attention closer to some-more tolerable mobility,” resolved Paiva.

The endowment from AJAC is combined to a flourishing list of accolades for a new Nissan LEAF, including a 2018 World Green Car of a Year. As of Mar 5, 2019, a Nissan LEAF became a initial electric automobile in story to transcend 400,000 sales (globally). Recently, a indication with a new powertrain assimilated a lineup: a Nissan LEAF PLUS, that offers augmenting appetite and adult to 363 kilometres2 of range. Canadian sales of a LEAF PLUS will start this spring.

About a Nissan LEAF

The focal indicate of Nissan Intelligent Power in a new LEAF is a e-powertrain, that offers softened appetite potency and augmenting torque and appetite output. The new e-powertrain delivers an exhilarating, linear pushing opening with a appetite outlay of 147 horsepower, 40 per cent some-more than a previous-generation LEAF. Torque has been augmenting 26 percent to 236 lb-ft, ensuing in softened acceleration.

Existing LEAF drivers already suffer a present response and linearity of opening as they navigate a city. The new LEAF’s softened acceleration will boost delight even further. Even with a additional appetite output, a new LEAF’s pushing operation has been increased. The car’s new lithium-ion battery container delivers a operation of 243 kilometres1.

The new battery pattern adds energy-storage ability but augmenting a size. The battery container occupies a accurate same measure as that of a previous-generation LEAF. The particular dungeon structure of a laminated lithium-ion battery cells have been improved, representing a 67 percent boost in appetite firmness contra a strange 2010 LEAF model.

1. NRCan operation for 2018 Nissan LEAF S 40 kWh. Actual operation will change formed on pushing conditions, use of HVAC and/or accessories, pushing habits, weight carried and vehicle’s condition

2. NRCan Nissan LEAF S PLUS only. Actual operation will change formed on pushing conditions, use of HVAC and/or accessories, pushing habits, weight carried and vehicle’s condition


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