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Nissan: Nissan Middle East sets a new Guinness World Records pretension for a "Longest Twin Vehicle Drifting"


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Nissan Middle East currently has set a new Guinness World Records pretension for a longest twin automobile drifting. Two Nissan Z cars drifted around a lane during a same time but interlude for 28.52 kilometers. The record was set in a second try during a launch of a “Nissan 370Z Drift Experience” that will offer anyone a eventuality to learn and ideal a art of drifting.

Speaking during a event, Samir Cherfan, Managing Director, Nissan Middle East, said: “With today’s fulfilment of sourroundings a new Guinness World Records title, we have proven again a strength of a vehicles by adding another Guinness World Records record to a list. The Nissan Z is a really renouned automobile in a flapping scene, and this new record is nonetheless another explanation on a ability of this automobile to make flapping demeanour so easy.”

“Nissan 370Z Drift Experience” is a partnership between Nissan Middle East and a Prodrift Academy, that is carried out regulating Nissan 370Zs alongside a Prodrift Academy’s veteran deposit instructors in a protected and tranquil environment.

“Nissan has a clever concentration on motorsports in a Middle East. Since reserve is a priority during Nissan, we have partnered with a Prodrift Academy to yield a authorised and protected height for flapping fanatics in a region,” Cherfan added.

Nissan Motorsports History
For scarcely 80 years, Nissan has been pulling a bounds of creation within a Motorsports industry. Ever given a grassroots a Datsun NL-75 won during a Japanese Tamagawa Speedway in 1936, Nissan has grown some of a many famous racing cars to have ever graced a track. Nissan’s tellurian approval came after in 1964 when it showcased a initial Skyline GT in Germany, that afterwards went on to pass a Porsche in one path during a Japan Grand Prix. It was during this indicate that a attention and a universe began to start noticing that Nissan’s creation and record was on standard with a rest of a western world. With a universe now watching, Nissan subsequently launched a mythological Skyline GT-R in 1969, that was a colonize in racing automotive technology. In fact many of a DNA from a Skyline GT-R has been carried on to a benefaction day GT-R.

It wasn’t prolonged before Nissan had grown a signature turbo charged engine in 1979 and, on realizing that it was probable to boost sales by rival motorsports, launched NISMO for a initial time in 1984. Since afterwards a association has damaged annals and grown some of a fastest racing cars ever built. In a region, Nissan Middle East has shone in motorsports by a Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge with a Patrol by sponsoring Emil Kneisser who achieved good results, a successful yearly GT Academy beginning and now a latest serve of a Nissan 370Z Drift Experience.

Drifting heat has developed given 2009, when a initial informal flapping foe was launched. Over a years, this has significantly grown to be one of a many awaited events opposite a Middle East, with assemblage surpassing 15,000 per country.

Mohammad Al Falasi, Managing Director of a Prodrift Academy commented: “Drifting has been a really renouned competition among immature people in a region, and we are intensely unapproachable to be means to rise this competition serve among a fans in a protected and certified sourroundings interjection to Nissan Middle East. Our veteran instructors are dedicated to transforming immature talents into universe category performers with a assistance of a iconic Nissan Z due to a determining power.”

In Aug 2013, Nissan Middle East pennyless another Guinness World Records pretension when a Nissan Patrol demonstrated a strength by successfully towing a world’s heaviest aircraft. The scarcely 3-ton 4WD “Hero of All Terrains in Life” pulled a 170.9- ton load craft for some-more than 164 feet (50 meters) during Sharjah International Airport in a UAE.



About Nissan Middle East
Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. became a initial Japanese automobile manufacturer to settle a informal Middle East domicile in Jun 1994. Nissan operations now cover over 20 countries opposite a region, creation it one of a best represented Japanese automotive brands in a Middle East. From a pioneering crossover vehicles and class-leading tiny cars to a mythological Nissan GT-R and all-conquering SUVs such as a “Hero of All Terrain,” Nissan Patrol, Nissan Middle East’s automobile choice is one of a broadest and many renouned in a region, covering roughly each shred of a automotive market.


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