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Nissan: Nissan named 2017 ‘Brand of a Year’ by Strategy magazine

Mississauga, Ont. – On Thursday, Nov 9, Nissan Canada was announced a leader of Strategy magazine’s annual “Brand of a Year” endowment for a “Conquer All Conditions” campaign. Strategy, Canada’s inhabitant announcement covering a selling and promotion community, famous Nissan for a fad around a long-term campaign, while celebrating a coherence and tie to a Canadian market.

“Conquer All Conditions” was combined in 2014 to showcase how Nissan’s best-selling automobile in Canada, a Nissan Rogue, can overcome a impassioned conditions of a Canadian winter. The fully-Canadian debate after developed to embody Nissan’s full portfolio of SUVs, and was even blending by other markets. The opposite spots stress a reserve and trustworthiness that Nissan vehicles provide, and their ability to effectively “save a day.” This is demonstrated by Nissan vehicles evading formidable situations such as icy roads or mudslides, and by being prepared for obstacles one could never predict.

“We are anxious that a “Conquer All Conditions” debate warranted Nissan a 2017 “Brand of a Year” award,” pronounced Steve Rhind, executive of marketing, Nissan Canada Inc. “The debate came from a idea that Canadians put a high priority on all-wheel expostulate when shopping a compress SUV, given it gives them some-more certainty in formidable pushing situations. The debate speaks to a significance of safety, though it is a faith that in sequence to get viewers’ attention, we also have to be exciting. The “Conquer All Conditions” debate is a ideal multiple of both.”

The “Conquer All Conditions” spots take on a cinematic proceed and prominence several confidence-inspiring intelligent facilities including All-Wheel Drive, Active Trace Control, Active Engine Braking, and Active Ride Control. The spots singular out a patron advantages Nissan delivers and how Nissan can assistance teach certainty in drivers – on any road, in any situation. The spots also ready a open for a highway forward by showcasing Nissan’s new automotive record such as Forward Collision Detection, Forward Emergency Braking and Blind Spot Control.

Over a years, Nissan has confirmed transparent and unchanging messaging, formulating a long-term inflection and an romantic tie with drivers. Because of a success, a “Conquer All Conditions” debate fast became one of a best-known and best-loved Canadian automobile campaigns. By including Nissan Intelligent Mobility messaging, a “Conquer All Conditions” debate also cements a brand’s roadmap to grasp a zero-emission, zero-fatality destiny for driving.

Strategy has famous a Nissan ‘Conquer All Conditions’ debate among many brands from several industries. To see a full article, “2017 Brands of a Year: Nissan doesn’t play it safe” revisit


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