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Nissan: Nissan famous for sustainability care by a CDP Climate Change Report for a third true year

YOKOHAMA, Japan – For a third uninterrupted year, a CDP (formerly famous as a Carbon Disclosure Project) has enclosed Nissan in a name list of companies receiving top-tier “A-List” ranking in a annual Climate Change Report. Nissan finished forward of thousands of other general businesses in a CDP’s assessment.

Established in 2000, CDP is an successful U.K.-based NPO representing 822 institutional investors holding a sum of $95 trillion USD in assets. Every year, CDP publicly rates companies for their government of meridian change formed on a multiple of consult information and publicly accessible information.

Nissan was comparison for A-List ranking for clarity in disclosing environmental information and carrying a confidant prophesy for shortening well-to-wheel CO2 emissions from new vehicles by 90 percent by a year 2050 (compared with emissions levels in a year 2000). Nissan was also famous for pioneering a world’s top-selling zero-emission car (the Nissan LEAF), enabling LEAF owners to appetite their homes from their vehicles during rise appetite use times, and for partnering with companies and internal governments to grow car charging infrastructure.


“At Nissan, we take sustainability really severely by a vehicles that we furnish though also by shortening a CO footprint via a whole business operation,” pronounced Hitoshi Kawaguchi, Nissan comparison clamp boss and Chief Sustainability Officer. “I wish to demonstrate Nissan’s thankfulness to a CDP for noticing a efforts by including us in their prestigious news for a third uninterrupted year. As a vast tellurian association formed in Japan, we commend that a work in this area can have a good impact, so we are committed to heading by instance to revoke CO2 emissions even serve in a years ahead.”

Nissan continues to arrange among a world’s many tolerable companies. Earlier this year, Nissan was a usually Japanese automaker to grasp universe ranking in a prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).

Also this year, Nissan announced that it had shrank a CO dioxide CO2 emissions by 22.4 percent over a past decade. These efforts to revoke Nissan’s corporate CO footprint have been spearheaded by a recently determined Nissan Energy Saving Collaboration (NESCO), that measures appetite detriment during a company’s plants worldwide. These activities are partial of a company’s third era environmental movement plan, a Nissan Green Program 2016.



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Nissan famous by a Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Nissan cuts CO dioxide emissions by 22.4%

About Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Nissan is a tellurian full-line car manufacturer that sells some-more than 60 models underneath a Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun brands. In mercantile year 2015, a association sole some-more than 5.4 million vehicles globally, generating income of 12.2 trillion yen. Nissan engineers, manufactures and markets a world’s best-selling all-electric car in history, a Nissan LEAF. Nissan’s tellurian domicile in Yokohama, Japan manages operations in 6 regions: ASEAN Oceania; Africa, Middle East India; China; Europe; Latin America and North America. Nissan has a tellurian workforce of 247,500, and has been partnered with French manufacturer Renault underneath a Renault-Nissan Alliance given Mar 1999.

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