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Nissan: Nissan ZEOD RC on lane during Le Mans for a initial time

SILVERSTONE, UK LE MANS, FRANCEThe Nissan ZEOD RC finished a initial 24 laps of Circuit de la Sarthe with GT Academy leader Wolfgang Reip and two-time Le Mans P2 leader Tommy Erdos during a wheel.

While a automobile was behind with dual tiny technical issues – a damaged fuel siphon emanate and a damaged empty – today’s exam was an critical step in a growth of a automobile that aims to finish an whole path of Le Mans on pristine electric power.

“Today has been a really critical step in a growth of a automobile and what we have achieved is indeed utterly remarkable,” pronounced NISMO’s Global Head of Brand, Marketing Sales, Darren Cox. “We knew we were rebellious a outrageous plea with a idea of building a automobile that could finish an whole 8.5 mile path of Le Mans on zero though electric power. We have positively detected since nobody has tackled it previously.

“We finished vast sections of a circuit currently on EV energy and schooled a good deal,” Cox continued. “Today was about contrast a systems and ensuring a transition from electric to inner explosion energy was seamless. Testing during other venues is intensely profitable though there is no surrogate to using here during Le Mans. We ran with a exam automobile currently and we’ll continue to exam with a tangible competition automobile all week behind in a UK before streamer behind for a race.

“I’m really unapproachable of everybody compared with a module since of a volume of work that has left in. Today was really rewarding. Our guys already feel like they have raced a 24 hours already. They did dual all-nighters final week. The turn of joining to showcase what this module is able of is truly remarkable.”

The Nissan ZEOD RC group will continue contrast in a UK this week with a tangible competition car, that will reinstate a exam appurtenance that was used today. Super GT regulars Satoshi Motoyama and Lucas Ordóñez will lapse from Japan to join Reip during a circle for a race.


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