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Nissan: Renault-Nissan Alliance employees go a stretch for COP21

  • 200 employees have volunteered to expostulate electric vehicles as VIP shuttles during a COP21 meridian change summit
  • Nissan LEAF, Renault ZOE and Nissan e-NV200 shuttles are powered by renewable and low-carbon appetite – but a singular dump of petroleum
  • Delegates, negotiators and media can use a custom-built focus to ask EV convey service

Renault-Nissan Alliance to yield world’s largest EV swift to general discussion during COP21

PARIS – Two hundred employees will foster Renault-Nissan’s care in electric vehicles while pushing EV shuttles during a tellurian limit on meridian change in Paris.

Employees – who finished a one-and-a half-day training march to turn drivers and EV ambassadors – will convey VIP negotiators, representatives and media during a 21st annual Conference of Parties (known as COP21), from Nov. 29 to Dec. 11.

Renault-Nissan Alliance will yield 200 pristine electric vehicles for COP21 – a world’s largest electric-vehicle swift ever to an general conference. The EV swift – that is comprised of a Nissan LEAF, Renault ZOE and a Nissan e-NV200 – is approaching to cover some-more than 400,000 km in dual weeks, fueled with renewable and intensely low-carbon energy, but a singular dump of petroleum.

Delegates can ask an EV convey by an online reservation complement – – privately grown for a event. Shuttles from Renault-Nissan will run to and from hotels to a discussion venue. More than 20,000 U.N. participants from 195 countries are approaching to attend a summit.

“As shortly as Renault-Nissan motionless to support COP21, a employees started seeking how they could be directly involved,” pronounced Marie-Francoise Damesin, Renault-Nissan’s tellurian conduct of tellurian resources. “Helping negotiators get to their meetings, roving in still and well-spoken EVs that can be 100 percent recharged with renewable and intensely low-carbon electricity, sends a absolute summary about a corporate joining to a sourroundings – and about a employees’ enterprise to be partial of a resolution to meridian change.”

EV Drivers Call to Action

In June, a Renault-Nissan Alliance launched a call for volunteers to concede employees in and around Paris a event to be partial of COP21 as proffer drivers. The response was overwhelming, with some-more than 450 employees requesting before a recruitment routine was closed. Many of a volunteers expostulate an EV, and others work directly for Renault and Nissan’s EV programs.

Employees comparison for a module had to have motorist licenses for during slightest dual years, French and English denunciation skills (additional languages preferred), and proclivity to foster Renault-Nissan’s EV leadership. Each claimant had to write an letter explaining their seductiveness in a program.

“I wish to widespread a word that EVs are a many pleasant, fun-to-drive, fit and still approach to get around,” pronounced François-Xavier Lejeune, an operative from Renault who will expostulate negotiators during a environmental summit. “A vital thesis of COP21 is `solutions,’ and it’s transparent to me that EVs already paint a resolution for a travel zone to turn some-more sustainable.”

“I strongly trust all corporations, including mine, should deposit in tolerable solutions for a insurance of a universe and mankind,” pronounced Marion Lerussard, another proffer motorist who works in a aftersales dialect of Nissan West in France.

In further to a convey service, Renault-Nissan will attend in Solutions COP21, an general muster on climate-change solutions, during a Grand Palais in Paris. The exhibition, that will take place from Dec. 4-10, will underline projects to revoke CO2 from cities, businesses and other organizations around a world.

Renault-Nissan will have a multimedia gallery of people who switched from required cars to EVs. Renault-Nissan will also give open exam drives of EVs along iconic Parisian streets.



About a Renault-Nissan Alliance
The Renault-Nissan Alliance is a vital partnership between Paris-based Renault and Yokohama, Japan-based Nissan, that together sell one in 10 cars globally. The companies, that have been vital partners given 1999, sell one out of dual electric vehicles on roads today, including a vehicles featured in COP21’s fleet: Renault ZOE subcompact car, a Nissan LEAF compress automobile and a 7-seater Nissan e-NV200 van.


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