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Nissan: Three Nissans inside a tip 10 during WD-40 SuperSprint during Phillip Island, Australia

PHILLIP ISLAND, Australia Three Nissan Altimas have finished inside a tip 10 following a underline competition during a WD-40 SuperSprint in Phillip Island, Australia final weekend.

A clever subordinate opening from a Nissan patrol saw all 4 cars spend a early partial of a competition inside a tip eight. Todd Kelly went on to hail a mottled dwindle in fifth only brazen of Rick in sixth, with James Moffat recording a clever eighth-place finish. A pit-stop emanate prevented Michael Caruso holding advantage of his subordinate speed, eventually finishing in 22nd.

The outcome for a #7 carsales Racing Nissan matches Todd Kelly’s strongest opening of a year, equaling a fifth achieved during Winton. The fifth place outcome left Todd as a tip finishing motorist in a Nissan Motorsport quartet.

Rick Kelly enjoyed a clever start off a line before being smashed and painful by competitors. A large strike adult a back ensured that Rick was far-reaching watchful before he’d even finished one path of a Phillip Island circuit. Smart racing and effective pitstops kept him in a rival position channel a line in sixth.


James Moffat’s eighth place didn’t sincerely paint a afternoon he had. The #99 Faresin Industries Altima did quickly lead as a pit-stop strategies shuffled a pack. When Moffat himself pitted, an emanate with a back brakes hold him in array line and saw him dump down a order. Rejoining outward a tip 10, Moffat fought container to record another tip 10 finish. This outcome subsidy adult a fifth place finish from progressing in a weekend.

The #23 NISMO entrance of Michael Caruso spent many of a early partial of a competition inside a tip five. His prolonged initial army authorised him to denote a automobile gait shown during a prior turn in Pukekohe, New Zealand. However, it all came unstuck during his array stop for tires. A purchase emanate caused a wheels to spin during a tire change and resulted in Caruso receiving a expostulate by penalty. The #23 would afterwards dump down a sequence and be incompetent to redeem a mislaid lane position, eventually channel a line in 22nd place.

The V8 Supercars Championship now moves to a final turn during Homebush for a Coates Hire Sydney 500, Dec 4 to 6.


Todd Kelly, #7 carsales Racing Nissan Altima V8

“I have unequivocally only been anticipating to get a lectern this year during some stage. It’s been a tough battle. we was always looking brazen to this turn given if we did a good pursuit we suspicion we’d be flattering competitive. Fifth is a good result, though we didn’t utterly have a speed to get a lectern here. But with what we’ve got in a tube in 12 months time, hopefully we’re in that position. We’re positively streamer in a right direction, so I’m wrapped with where we finished adult today.”

“It was a genuine contrition what occur to Michael today. we wondered where he went given he was racing brazen of me and had unequivocally good pace. we suspicion he should be on for a lectern with a speed that he had. So unequivocally unsatisfactory for him given it would have done for an even improved day for Nissan.”

Michael Caruso, #23 NISMO Nissan Altima V8

“The automobile is apparently unequivocally discerning though unfortunately suffered a purchase problem that eventually finished a good outcome we were streamer towards. Everyone is disappointed, though hopefully they can find out what accurately a problem was and we can redress it for Sydney in a integrate of weeks.

“We’ve still got that same speed we showed in New Zealand; that’s a genuine positive. It’s unequivocally good that we can lift gait opposite events. This will hopefully concede to finish a year on a high in Sydney.”

James Moffat, #99 Faresin Industries Nissan Altima V8

“We were carrying a flattering good competition there, battling with Shane and Rick, though we spent a bit too many time in a pits that cost us some lane position after a second stop. Sometimes that’s how it goes in engine racing. we finished eighth and got some good points. The automobile was good in a final army so we was means to press on, though only had a bit too many belligerent to make up.”

“Next turn is my final with a team, and I’ll go there and do a unequivocally best we can. Hopefully my opening is good and we can have a good weekend”

Rick Kelly, #15 Jack Daniel’s Racing Nissan Altima

“It was a unequivocally sparkling initial lap. we got a flattering reasonable start off a line, and we got punched around a satisfactory bit,” pronounced Rick Kelly.

“It was a frightful one. It’s such a prolonged competition that we wish to get off to a good start.

“Nevertheless we had my hermit in front for many of a competition doing a illusory pursuit to get fifth, and afterwards us in sixth.

“So for us this weekend it was a unequivocally good result. We combined in that final competition and got some good points, and now we conduct to a final one to conflict it out and see what we can get in a Championship.”


Race 33

1. Craig Lowndes
2. Scott McLaughlin
3. Jamie Whincup
4. Mark Winterbottom
5. Todd Kelly
6. Rick Kelly
7. Shane Van Gisbergen
8. James Moffat
9. Garth Tander
10. David Reynolds
22. Michael Caruso


After 33 races
1. Mark Winterbottom- 3007 points
2. Craig Lowndes- 2828
3. David Reynolds- 2688
4. Garth Tander- 2459
5. Shane Van Gisbergen- 2442
6. Fabian Coulthard- 2394
7. Jamie Whincup- 2359
8. Scott McLaughlin- 2057
9. Chaz Mostert- 2017
10. James Courtney- 1946
11. Rick Kelly- 1932
12. Michael Caurso- 1744
14. James Moffat- 1570
18. Todd Kelly- 1534

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