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Nissan: Video report: Altima-te AWD-1…Snow-0

Montreal, Quebec – As many tools of Canada start to see a initial signs of a typically oppressive winter, a all-new 2019 Nissan Altima AWD sedan has arrived to showrooms. To communicate a summary that All-Wheel Drive is now a customary underline on a 2019 Altima, Nissan has mutated a worldly sedan into an assertive counter to Old Man Winter. Named a Altima-te AWD, this impassioned iteration of a Altima dons a 30-inch high DOMINATOR® lane complement from American Track Truck, commissioned by Quebec-based MIA Motorsports.

The Altima-te AWD joins a Warrior family of Nissan crossovers wearing heavy-duty rubber tracks. In tie to a strange Rogue Warrior video, released in line with press day during a 2016 Montreal International Auto Show, three-time Nissan Micra Cup champion Olivier Bédard once again appears in a Nissan video story. This time, Valérie Limoges, a Micra Cup motorist who placed fourth in a 2018 championship, stars alongside Bédard.

The video starts with Limoges in a chalet, messaging with Bédard about a assembly adult for a race. Limoges gets into her vehicle, that appears to be a prolongation Altima sedan during first. As a camera rolls, a low sleet accumulation becomes some-more apparent until a Altima-te AWD is seen in a full form, starting with a intensely flared fenders and powering by a powder with ease.

Reaching a solidified lake, Limoges updates Bédard on her location, that Bédard contingency entrance by craft due to a challenging, snowy terrain. Bédard exits a plane, greets Limoges, and a dual Nissan Micra Cup drivers conduct to Bédard’s car – a strange Rogue Warrior. The vehicles competition one another, kicking adult vast bursts of sleet from their DOMINATOR Tracks.

Both a video and a Altima-te AWD were suggested to a open for a initial time today, during Nissan’s press discussion during a 2019 Montreal International Auto Show (MIAS). The Altima-te AWD will be on arrangement during a MIAS until a uncover concludes on Jan 27.

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