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Nissan: VR/360-degree video tours: Nissan Retail Environment Design Initiative (NREDI 2)

Nissan’s newest Retail Environment Design Initiative (NREDI 2), is characterized by clarity and openness, disdainful smoothness areas, a vast glassed-view use area, and even a patron loll set adult as partial of a showroom. What’s more, NREDI 2 also facilities a still lounge, along with a increasing use of digital elements such as use and sales screens, configurator reason shade tablets and digital circle stands.

If we haven’t a possibility to see NREDI 2 in-person, next are a few fun ways to see it on your mechanism screen.

The initial is a 360-degree YouTube video; in a second video, an interactive debate lets we select where to go; and a third video is a full debate of an NREDI 2 dealership in Canada.

The above is a 360-degree YouTube video that lets we control where to look. Click a “play” button, and afterwards click and reason to spin around and explore.

The above is a self-guided, interactive approach to see any partial of NREDI 2.0. Click and drag a rodent to stagger a screen. Click a red pins to pierce from one plcae to another.*




A practical debate of Nissan’s Retail Environment Design Initiative (NREDI) as seen during HGregoire Nissan Chomedey.*


*Please note, not all images are an accurate thoughtfulness of NREDI 2 module finishes.


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