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One engine, dual characters – a crowd of possibilities: The BMW Motorrad Concept Bikes R 18 and R 18 /2.

Munich/Milan. The BMW Motorrad Concept R 18 – a
purist, historically desirous chronicle of a vast fighter – was presented
by a BMW Group during a Concorso d’Eleganza in a Villa d’Este at
Lake Como in a early summer. Six months later, during a world’s
biggest motorcycle uncover – a EICMA in Milan – BMW Motorrad now
presents a second marvellous judgment bike formed on a vast boxer
engine: a BMW Motorrad Concept R 18 /2 (pronounced: “Slash Two”). It
is a stylistic conflicting of a Concept R 18: a modern, dynamic
tradition cruiser with a opening interest that is rather rougher
turn a edges. As such, a BMW Motorrad Concept R 18 /2
demonstrates nonetheless another intensity countenance of a Heritage concept,
providing an considerable instance of a coherence and wide-ranging
customisation options offering by this simple architecture.
display during a EICMA will take place exclusively by means of
films and photographs.

“In contrariety to a classic, superb BMW Motorrad Concept R 18,
a Concept R 18 /2 draws on a vast fighter engine and support to
emanate a complicated tradition concept. The Concept R 18 /2 is uniquely
extrovert. Elements from a past and destiny of BMW Motorrad merge
here to emanate a enthralling cruiser, creation a absolute statement:
“It’s a rarely romantic bike designed for active riding. At a same
time, a Concept R 18 /2 reflects a operation of characterisations and
patron dreams that we are means to realize regulating a same backbone,”
explains Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design BMW Motorrad.

A opening cruiser à la BMW.
The BMW Motorrad
Concept R 18 /2 celebrates a mindfulness of cruisers in an
interpretation that is both sporty and modern. Minimalist handlebar
trim together with a deep, elongated proportions promises a dynamic
pushing experience. The fairing, tear-drop fuel tank and chair form a
issuing line that finds a ideal end in a condensed rear
circle cover. All physique tools are finished in Candy Apple Red metallic,
an fluent red tinge that highlights a issuing transformation on the
side. This radiant tradition red with lots of abyss is a real
eye-catcher, changing from splendid red to roughly black depending on the
occurrence of light. Another distinguished underline is combined by a graphic
lines on a embellished physique parts, that extend from a side and top
perspective of a fuel tank to a circle cover and are visually prolonged
opposite a seat. These give a Concept Bike a particular appeal.

The vast fighter during a centre.
As in a Concept
R 18, a centrepiece of a BMW Motorrad Concept R 18 /2 is a large
2-cylinder fighter engine with 1800 cc, including complicated air/oil cooling
and designed in a 1960s aesthetic. The engine is finished in a warm
grey tinge and has a sporty look, with an integrated breast cover,
valve covers in a high-gloss black finish and a black frame. The
engine badge bears a name of a Concept Bike, adding a high-quality
After “Departed” by a Japanese customizer CUSTOM
WORKS ZON, “The Revival Birdcage” by Revival Cycles in Austin, Texas
and a BMW Motorrad Concept R 18, a BMW Motorrad Concept R 18 /2 is
now a fourth interpretation of a large-volume BMW Motorrad fighter engine.

Attention to detail.
As a genuine BMW, a BMW
Motorrad Concept R 18 /2 not usually comforts a fighter engine, loop frame
and tear-drop fuel tank, it also has a classical and elegantly showcased
judgment shaft. The distinguished expel iron wheels with 19” during a front
and 16” during a back emanate an equally watchful and energetic dragster
look, authentically rounding off a bike’s altogether appearance.
Meanwhile comforts such as high-performance Brembo stop calipers and
Hattech immaculate steel tailpipe complement simulate a tighten courtesy to
fact with that a BMW Motorrad Concept R 18 /2 was designed.

Multitude of possibilities.

The BMW Motorrad Concept R 18 /2 puts brazen a new
interpretation of a energetic opening cruiser that not usually taps
into an area formerly unexplored by BMW Motorrad though also
demonstrates a loyal flexibility of a “big boxer” platform. “After
a BMW Motorrad Concept R 18, a aim with a Concept R 18 /2 is to
denote how stretchable a simple engine and cessation are as a
starting indicate for customisation, and how easy it is to authentically
realize opposite styles. And we have to admit: we were really impressed
during how it was probable to move this fighter judgment brazen from the
30s around a 80s into a 2020s,” says Bart Janssen Groesbeek, BMW
Motorrad Vehicle Designer for a Big Boxer Concepts.



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