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One-off Compact Coupé: ŠKODA Apprentices Build Dream Car

ŠKODA apprentices build their dream car: a compress coupé with back induce and prolonged potion roof. This is now a third singular ‘ŠKODA Apprentice Car’. The immature group recently presented a latest developments to a Board of Directors.

For several months, a group of 27 apprentices of a ŠKODA Vocational School have been operative on a singular ‘ŠKODA Apprentice Car III’, with a assistance of instructors during a company’s domicile in Mladá Boleslav. The departments for technical development, design, and prolongation are ancillary a project, for that a ŠKODA Academy is responsible. The finished vehicle investigate will be presented to a open in May. The vehicle is nonetheless to accept a name.

This is a third time that ŠKODA has run a neophyte project. The apprentices recently presented a latest updates on a plan to ŠKODA CEO Bernhard Maier, ŠKODA Board Member for Production Michael Oeljeklaus, ŠKODA Board Member for HR Bohdan Wojnar and experts from ŠKODA’s dilettante departments. “It’s good to see a students’ passion and joining to this project,” says ŠKODA Board Member for HR Bohdan Wojnar. “The subsequent emotive vehicle investigate has arisen with ŠKODA’s third Trainee Car. ‘Trainee Car III’ is also going to be an unusual car,” Wojnar is convinced. “Just like a predecessors, this plan will uncover how good a trainees’ technical and primer skills are.”

The plan aims to foster a creativity and imagination of a vocational students, and to strap their unrestrained in conceptualizing their possess car. The singular ‘ŠKODA Apprentice Car III’ is a result: The vehicle has a coupé-style physique with dual extended doors. Two-tone paint in red and black and a prolonged potion roof visually widen a contours. With a stream ‘Trainee Car’, ŠKODA is stability this new tradition: 2014 saw a display of a ultra-compact CitiJet vehicle formed on a ŠKODA Citigo; a FUNStar pick-up, with record from a ŠKODA Fabia, followed in 2015.

“At initial we did not know how sparkling this charge would be,” says Daniel Voce, an neophyte in a plan team, consisting of 5 immature women and 22 immature men. “We are building in all areas of a automobile,” Voce said. Team personality Zdeněk Stanke explained, “I am unapproachable of my team. We are surpassing really good since everybody is giving their all. It should be emphasised that a trainees contingency move a plan work in line with their schoolwork.”

The Czech carmaker is once again emphasising a high customary of ŠKODA’s tutelage programmes with this neophyte project. The Vocational School, founded in 1927, offers immature people three- or four-year training programmes in technical subjects. Almost 900 apprentices, of that 14.3% are women, are now enrolled on 14 full-time training courses. Around 100 employees are advancing their education in a school’s postgraduate programme.