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One Up, 299 More to Go: FCA Raises First Piece of Steel on Site of New Assembly Plant

August 13, 2019

, Detroit

FCA noted a miracle currently as it lifted a initial square of steel for a scarcely 800,000-square-foot paint emporium being built on a site of a former Mack Avenue Engine Complex. The Company announced in February that it would deposit $1.6 billion to modify a dual existent Mack comforts into a new public site for an all-new, three-row, full-size Jeep® SUV and a next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee, formulating 3,850 new jobs.

As construction on a new paint emporium starts from a belligerent up, crews are operative to reconstruct and renovate a dual existent facilities. Mack II, that has been idle given 2012, will turn a new physique shop, where a support of a car is welded together. Mack I, that until Jun was producing a Pentstar engine family, will be repurposed and retooled as ubiquitous assembly, where a car gets a seats, instrument row and wheels, among other things.

The initial vehicles are approaching to hurl off a line by a finish of 2020. When complete, a trickery will be a initial new public plant built in a city of Detroit in scarcely 30 years.