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Oshawa Assembly Plant Transformation Overview

Oshawa Assembly Plant Transformation Overview






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Following GM’s Global Accelerated Transformation announcement in Nov 2018, GM Canada and Unifor reached an Oshawa Transformation Agreement in May 2019 that includes an investment during a Oshawa Assembly Plant in a new automobile tools operation, a 55-acre exam lane and a Jobs Action Centre that will support impacted GM employees who wish to retrain for a new opportunity.  Many influenced employees have already inaugurated to retire and collect their GM pension. GM is also donating 87 acres of waterfront parkland for a advantage of all Oshawa adults and will sojourn one of Oshawa’s largest private zone employers.


  • Part of GM’s some-more than C$170 million investment will transition operations during a Oshawa Plant from car public to stamping, associated sub-assembly and diverse activities for General Motors and other automobile attention customers.
  • Plans are in place for 300 Oshawa jobs in a new operation with a intensity to beget some-more in a entrance years fortuitous on new patron development. GM and Unifor have concluded to work together to grow this new business.
  • GM’s investment also includes a growth of a 55-acre Oshawa Test Track during a southern finish of a stream Oshawa Assembly Plant site, that will support GM’s Canadian Technical Centre (CTC) Oshawa and Markham campuses. Engineers during these comforts rise module and hardware for unconstrained car systems, embedded controls, active reserve systems and infotainment. These work streams all need endless in-vehicle contrast in a safe, effective and tranquil environment. Oshawa will sojourn a pivotal record centre in Canada’s automobile sector.


  • Over half of Oshawa’s hourly employees are approaching to retire on their GM tangible advantage pension.
  • In Jun 2019, 1,300 retirement-eligible Oshawa hourly employees were canvassed for retirement incentives that embody a poignant pile sum payment, a new car document and paid training support.  Some employees will also accept a overpass to capacitate them to acquire eligibility for a incomparable pension.


  • In serve to employees defended in a new Oshawa tools business, some other employees will have relocation opportunities to GM comforts in St. Catharines and Woodstock Ontario.  Details will be communicated to authorised employees commencement in Aug 2019.


  • In Dec 2018, GM announced a joining of millions of dollars to yield both hourly and salaried employees’ entrance to a retraining program.
  • The module is accessible to influenced employees who wish to pursue serve preparation for pursuit placement. Employees selecting to retire are also authorised for retraining funds.



As a pitch of GM’s longstanding sustainability partnership with a Oshawa community, GM Canada skeleton to present 87-acres of parkland and 3 acres of Fenelon Park to a City, including a Lake Ontario waterfront “McLaughlin Bay Reserve,” located in south Oshawa, easterly of a GM plant.


  • Oshawa employees who are not timid or being defended in other GM operations will be helped to transition to approximately 5,000 accessible jobs that have been identified by over 45 employers in a GTA who have approached GM expressing seductiveness in employing GM Oshawa’s high-quality workers.
  • For these employees, GM Canada, Unifor and a Ontario supervision will launch an onsite “Jobs Action Centre” during Oshawa Assembly in Aug 2019.
  • The Oshawa Jobs Action Centre will assistance authorised GM employees and their families devise now for a transition to new work opportunities following a finish of Oshawa Assembly car prolongation during a finish of 2019. It will:
  • Durham College, Centennial College and Trent University Durham GTA will work together as educational partners to offer training tailored to informal and GTA-based partner employers, relating GM workman skills with open pursuit needs.
  • Durham College will support a Jobs Action Centre with a dedicated jobs portal and database that will assistance compare worker skills opposite employer requirements.
  • New career opportunities during GTA employers operation from apprenticeship-supported automobile technician roles during GM dealerships, to new careers in energy, manufacturing, services and other sectors.
  • Job fairs with countless GTA employers are tentatively designed for Oct 2019 and Mar 2020.


  • A singular advantage of a Jobs Action Centre is a ability to compare worker skills with a practice needs of GTA employers who have identified 5,000 pursuit intensity pursuit opportunities for GM workers to investigate.
  • GM will horde a weekly array of new employer information sessions during Oshawa Assembly from Aug – Nov 2019 that will concede outmost employers to come onsite and foster their organizations to assistance teach employees on intensity pursuit opportunities.
  • Employees can accommodate with new employer member and recruiters first-hand to weigh their skills for destiny pursuit opportunities.


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