Ford Canada

Over 37 billion liters of water, 15 years, and one really prestigious sustainability award

What does 37.85 billion liters (10 billion gallons) of H2O demeanour like?

It’s adequate to fill some-more than 15,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools. It’s adequate to do 250 million loads of laundry. Enough, even, to say a frothy, rolling upsurge over Niagara Falls for 3.7 hours.

It’s also a overwhelming volume that Ford has withheld over a past 15 years, according to CDP (formerly famous as a Carbon Disclosure Project), a world’s usually environmental avowal agency, that has awarded Ford a top honour for corporate H2O stewardship.

Consider it an forlorn environmental feat for an automotive manufacturer. Ford—North America’s usually association to acquire this award—is one of usually 8 companies from around a universe to have perceived this honour from CDP, whose charge it is to strengthen healthy resources and lessen meridian change.

For us, it’s not usually about environmental accountability; it’s about operative to safeguard that everyone—everywhere—has entrance to clean, affordable celebration water. It’s about addressing these H2O issues with the suppliers, and along with the scarcely 195,000 employees worldwide, it’s about carrying a certain impact.

Today, we’re unapproachable of the sustainability efforts (especially when we cut the tellurian H2O use by 62 per cent, dual whole years forward of schedule!). Tomorrow, who knows where the innovative production technologies will take us.