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PCCD: Thomas Preining celebrates double feat during a Sachsenring

“I positioned my automobile during a slight angle on a grid so that we could squeeze a inside line as quick as possible. That’s where a racetrack goes somewhat steeper downhill. Michael Ammermüller attempted to conflict right after a start, though we did a good pursuit fending him off. Now we can transport to Hockenheim feeling confident,” pronounced Preining (A/BWT Lechner Racing). Michael Ammermüller (D/BWT Lechner Racing) finished on second in his Porsche 911 GT3 Cup with Larry 10 Voorde (NL/Team Deutsche Post by Project 1) completing a podium. The championship will be motionless between Preining (229 points) and Ammermüller (202 points). At a final dual races during a Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg, 50 points are still adult for grabs.

A sum of 26 vehicles lined adult on a grid for Sunday’s competition in fever and 24-degrees Celsius. With a rocket start from stick position, Preining immediately took a lead. Starting from second on a grid, Ammermüller staid in behind Preining. The German competition motorist waited for a youngster to make a mistake, however Preining gradually increasing a opening over a march of a race. In a 14th lap, a reserve automobile was deployed while a car was recovered from a sand trap. At a restart dual laps later, a cards had been reshuffled. 20-year-old Preining successfully shielded his tip mark and took a dwindle in initial place after 19 laps. Ammermüller followed him over a line 1.2 seconds later. “I couldn’t do improved than second place. Thomas Preining fast changed to a inside during a start and left me no gap,” pronounced Ammermüller. For a seasoned specialist, this outlines a eighth lectern finish this season.

911 GT3 Cup, Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, competition 12, Sachsenring, 2018, Porsche AG

Michael Ammermüller finished on second

Third place on a 3.645-kilometre racetrack was assigned by 10 Voorde. The Project 1 motorist started from third on a grid, though mislaid his position to Toni Wolf (D/Car Collection Motorsport) in a initial lap. Ten Voorde afterwards stranded to a fender of a 19-year-old German. In path 13, a motorist from Boekelo in a Netherlands done his pierce and snatched behind third place. “Unfortunately we fell behind after a start though we don’t let such things worry me. we afterwards waited for my possibility and grabbed it,” pronounced 10 Voorde. Toni Wolf competed in front of home crowds this weekend. The motorist from Schönbrunn in Saxony resolved a competition on fourth place – and achieved his best outcome of a deteriorate so far.

Fifth place on a storied racetrack in Hohenstein-Ernstthal went to Igor Walilko (Raceunion). For a Polish driver, this meant initial place in a rookie class. Tim Zimmermann (D/Black Falcon Team TMD Friction) cumulative sixth, with Marius Nakken (N/MRS GT-Racing) on seventh. Eighth place was taken by Michael de Quesada (USA/Team Project 1). Carlos Rivas (Black Falcon Team TMD Friction) scored feat in a pledge class. This noted a sixth time a Luxembourger has been a best motorist in his category. Second in a pledge difficulty went to Jörn Schmidt-Staade (D/Cito Pretiosa), with his compatriot Stefan Rehkopf (Cito Pretiosa) channel a finish line in third.

1. Thomas Preining (A/BWT Lechner Racing)
2. Michael Ammermüller (D/BWT Lechner Racing)
3. Larry 10 Voorde (NL/Team Deutsche Post by Project 1)
4. Toni Wolf (D/Car Collection Motorsport)
5. Igor Walilko (PL/Raceunion)
6. Tim Zimmermann (D/Black Falcon Team TMD Friction)
7. Marius Nakken (N/MRS GT-Racing)
8. Michael de Quesada (USA/Team Project 1)
9. Gustav Malja (S/Team Deutsche Post by Project 1)
10. Jacob Eidson (USA/Team Project 1)

Drivers’ classification
1. Thomas Preining (A/BWT Lechner Racing), 229 points
2. Michael Ammermüller (D/BWT Lechner Racing), 202 points
3. Larry 10 Voorde (NL/Team Deutsche Post by Project 1), 149 points

Races 13 and 14 make adult a final weekend of this year’s Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland. Both races will be contested on a Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg as partial of a ADAC GT Masters weekend from 21-23 September. The inhabitant one-make crater array has been contested on a tradition-steeped racetrack in Germany’s Upper Rhine Valley each year given a lass deteriorate in 1990.

Thomas Preining continues to set a benchmark in a Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland. On a Sachsenring, a Porsche Junior incited his stick position into a victory. His record of success so far: Seven wins from eleven races. “Things got unequivocally parsimonious in a initial dilemma after a start. we was underneath vigour during first, though managed to lift clear. we now have a 22-point advantage in a championship – that’s a many critical thing,” pronounced Preining (A/BWT Lechner Racing). Second place during Saturday’s competition went to Marius Nakken (MRS GT-Racing) from Norway forward of Germany’s Tim Zimmermann (Black Falcon Team TMD Friction).

Right from a start, Preining underscored his explain to victory. As shortly as a lights went off, a 20-year-old ducked to a inside line with his 485 hp Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. This sealed a opening for Michael Ammermüller (D/BWT Lechner Racing) on second to overtake. While Preining proceeded to eke out an advantage path after lap, Ammermüller – his closest opposition in a championship – mislaid 3 places after a initial corner: Nakken swept from fourth on a grid to second place. Behind a 24-year-old Norwegian, Zimmermann and Toni Wolf (D/Car Collection Motorsport) followed. Clinching second place, Nakken distinguished his best outcome in a Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland. “I’ve been aiming for a lectern given a initial race. Now my dream has come true. After a start we saw a opening on a inside in a initial dilemma and we immediately grabbed my chance,” pronounced a Norwegian.

Scoring third place, Zimmermann also set a personal best. The rookie even managed to kick a seasoned dilettante Ammermüller on a 3.645-kilometre racetrack. The Lechner motorist done several attempts to get past Zimmermann, though a 22-year-old fended him off. This done a motorist from Lake Constance a best rookie of a 27-strong field. “To be honest, during initial we didn’t consider we could urge myself from Michael Ammermüller over a whole distance. So that creates my initial lectern outcome in a Carrera Cup even better,” pronounced Zimmermann. Ammermüller crossed a finish line in fourth place 0.253 second behind. Fifth place went to Larry 10 Voorde (Team Deutsche Post by Project 1) from a Netherlands.

911 GT3 Cup, Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, competition 11, Sachsenring, 2018, Porsche AG

Thomas Preining in a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

This weekend’s eventuality noted a home competition for Toni Wolf: The 19 year aged lives around 50 kilometres divided from a Sachsenring in Schönbrunn, Saxony. Wolf took adult a competition from a sixth grid mark and during one indicate had changed into fourth place. Ultimately, he crossed a finish line in sixth. Seventh place was assigned by Igor Walilko (PL/Raceunion) forward of Glenn outpost Parijs (B/MRS GT-Racing). Carlos Rivas (Black Falcon Team TMD Friction) distinguished feat in a pledge class. Finishing behind a Luxembourger were a German drivers for a Cito Pretiosa squad, Stefan Rehkopf and Jörn Schmidt-Staade.

The BWT Lechner Racing group had reason to celebrate. After earning 384 points, a patrol from Austria has taken home a group championship prize early. For a determined team, this is a second group pretension in a Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland. In a eleven races contested so distant this season, during slightest one of a dual Lechner drivers, Preining or Ammermüller, stood on a podium.

In a championship, Preining has stretched his lead during a tip of a points table: After eleven races, he leads a sequence with 204 points. Ammermüller follows on second with 182 points. Ten Voorde occupies third with 133 points. Holding 169 points, Dylan Pereira (L/Lechner Racing) leads a rookie classification. Schmidt-Staade ranks initial in a pledge class. The Düsseldorf racer has warranted 199 points.

1. Thomas Preining (A/BWT Lechner Racing)
2. Marius Nakken (N/MRS GT-Racing)
3. Tim Zimmermann (D/Black Falcon Team TMD Friction)
4. Michael Ammermüller (D/BWT Lechner Racing)
5. Larry 10 Voorde (NL/Team Deutsche Post by Project 1)
6. Toni Wolf (D/Car Collection Motorsport)
7. Igor Walilko (PL/Raceunion)
8. Glenn outpost Parijs (B/MRS GT-Racing)
9. Gustav Malja (S/Team Deutsche Post by Project 1)
10. Henric Skoog (S/Raceunion)