BMW Canada

Perfect timing for a benefaction – a all-new BMW watch collection.

Munich. With a sporting suggestion and visionary
approach, BMW’s summer watch collection draws impulse from
automotive design. Known for a racing heritage, a code draws
impulse from a joining to opening and distinctive
detailing to deliver watches that are versatile companions for every
day. While classical BMW black such as a propeller trademark subtly
accent a dial, a cases play with aerodynamic forms and visually
energetic features, modeled after a brand’s many tangible sports
cars and made to perfection. Altogether, these statement-making
watches are a multiple of joy, opening and passion.

BMW collection

BMW proves there’s no extent to character interjection to strikingly iconic
colors and versatile designs. Available in three-link immaculate steel
bracelets and reward leather straps, a subtly shadowy dials feature
a brand’s iconic blue or considerable automobileinspired colors of
silver, red, black and cashmere. The beauty is in a sum with a
trademark artwork on a crown. 

BMW M Motorsport collection

The M Motorsport Collection creates a absolute matter with
sporty designs and reward materials to safeguard you’ll always make an
sense on and off a track. Available in a immaculate steel
bracelet or silicone tag with step detailing, this racing-style
chronograph comes with a knurled topring and a iconic Motorsport
stripes that aficionados will rigging adult for.

The BMW Summer 2019 Watch Collection will be accessible Summer 2019;
prices operation from 169,00 to 439,00 EUR. A initial demeanour during a new
collections will be given to reporters on 22 Mar during Fossil Group’s
domicile in Basel.
Suggested sell prices:


BMW collection


BMW4000 – 259,00 EUR
BMW6000 – 279,00 EUR
BMW6001 –
279,00 EUR
BMW6002 – 279,00 EUR
BMW6003 – 279,00 EUR

BMW7000 – 299,00 EUR
BMW8001 – 329,00 EUR
BMW8003 –
329,00 EUR
BMW M Motorsport collection

BMW1000 – 169,00 EUR
BMW1001 – 179,00 EUR

BMW2000 – 219,00 EUR
BMW2001 – 229,00 EUR
BMW2002 –
229,00 EUR
BMW3000 – 219,00 EUR
BMW3001 – 259,00 EUR