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Personnel change during Audi plant Ingolstadt: plant executive Albert Mayer to retire, Achim Heinfling to be new plant director

Albert Mayer, 65, a genuine Audi veteran, looks behind on 40 years during a Audi and Volkswagen Group. Peter Kössler, Audi’s Board of Management Member for Production, praised his joining as plant director: “Over a past 3 and a half years, Albert Mayer has dedicated himself to Audi’s home plcae of Ingolstadt as plant director, and has put his heart and essence into a plant and a concerns of his team. Albert Mayer has been quite successful in creation prolongation some-more flexible. Until he retires in a fall, he will continue in his purpose as plant executive with his full vitality – only like he has always done.”

Achim Heinfling, 56 years aged and a automatic operative by training, has been during Audi for roughly 30 years and is now handling executive of Audi Hungaria. Board of Management Member for Production Kössler: “In Achim Heinfling, we have found a estimable inheritor for Albert Mayer as plant director, both professionally and personally. Heinfling combines good imagination in automotive and engine construction with a high grade of methodical cunning and empathy. In his duty as handling executive of Audi Hungaria, he has already gained endless knowledge as a plant director. These are a best prerequisites for steering a Ingolstadt plant by severe times into a successful future.”

Alfons Dintner is to be Achim Heinfling’s inheritor as a handling executive of a Audi plant in Győr, Hungary. Dintner also brings good knowledge as a plant director: Until May 2019, he was handling executive of Audi México; before that, he was plant executive and ubiquitous manager during Audi Brussels. Dintner is now in assign of a Audi pre-series center.

Curriculum vitae of Achim Heinfling, Albert Mayer and Alfons Dintner are accessible online during (Company/Biographies).