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Pioneering work: Audi México produces totally but wastewater

From a paint emporium to trickle tests – H2O is required in a whole routine of vehicle production. The wastewater generated during Audi México initial undergoes chemical-physical treatment, that neutralizes a H2O and removes particles and complicated metals, from a paint emporium for example. This pre-treated H2O is afterwards serve processed together with a remaining wastewater from a site in a biological wastewater diagnosis plant, where organic components are decomposed. Finally, a multiple of ultrafiltration and multistage retreat inhalation separates a remaining contaminants, including bacterial germs and alkalis. Audi reuses a sterilizing and high-quality recycled H2O directly during a site. The strong matter from retreat inhalation is evaporated and a droughty solids are likely of. The association is so presumption a pioneering technological purpose for wastewater treatment.

“We are posterior a prophesy of producing cars during all a sites totally CO₂ neutral and giveaway of wastewater. We have reached a vital miracle in this honour during a plant in San José Chiapa,” settled Peter Kössler, Board of Management Member for Production and Logistics during AUDI AG. “As an vehicle manufacturer, we have an requirement to safeguard a clever and environmentally concordant use of profitable resources such as water. With a new reprocessing method, we are also creation a poignant grant to combating H2O shortages in Mexico.”

Audi México uses a treated H2O as routine H2O in prolongation and to direct a immature areas on a plant grounds. With this innovative process, Audi is already saving around 100,000 cubic meters of H2O per annum, homogeneous to about a entertain of a plant’s sum requirement. In a prolonged term, a association indeed skeleton to save some-more than 300,000 cubic meters of groundwater any year.

“With a new wastewater diagnosis system, Audi is holding an critical step towards an unconstrained H2O cycle,” pronounced Rüdiger Recknagel, Head of Environmental Protection during AUDI AG. “By a finish of 2025, we wish to revoke a Audi Group’s environmental impact by 35 percent per automobile constructed compared with a anxiety year 2010. This magnitude brings us closer to that goal.”

To serve revoke a use of groundwater, a fountainhead with a ability of 240,000 cubic meters is located on a site. It fills adult during a stormy deteriorate of approximately 6 months from Apr to September. The rainwater is collected and treated and also used in a plant. “Audi México is a youngest site in a Audi Group. We are all a prouder to play a pioneering purpose in a tolerable use of H2O as a resource,” pronounced Alfons Dintner, Chief Executive of Audi México.

As partial of a joining to a environment, Audi México has also planted some-more than 100,000 trees and commissioned 25,000 septic tanks on an area of 100 hectares in a adjacent municipality of San José Ozumba. In a stormy season, adult to 375,000 cubic meters of H2O are returned to a groundwater there any year.

The Audi México plant was non-stop in 2016 and produces a Audi Q5 for a universe market.