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Plant opens in Września, Poland: state-of-the-art bureau for a new Crafter

Festive plant opening in Września, Poland: about 1,000 guest from state authorities and business as good as member from a workforce and unions – from Poland and Germany – assimilated with members of a Board of Management of a Volkswagen Group and a brands to strictly start adult a automotive plant that is dedicated to prolongation of a new Crafter. Europe’s many modernized new bureau of a kind was build adult in a record time of only 23 months – from groundbreaking in Nov 2014 until start of production.

On interest of a Volkswagen Group Andreas Renschler, CEO of Volkswagen Truck Bus and member of a Board of Management of Volkswagen AG with shortcoming for a business area of blurb vehicles thanked everybody who participated in a construction plan for their glorious work. Renschler gave special interjection to a employees: “Building a new plant in record time demonstrates a glorious group suggestion of all of a employees during Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: transparent goals, corner doing and resuming done a desirous plan successful.”

Renschler underscored a significance of a new Crafter and a new plant (220 hectares = 2.2 km²) for a vital fixing of a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles group: “Our redevelopment of a new Crafter and a newly assembled plant with an annual ability of 100,000 units positions us improved than ever in a flourishing marketplace of vast vans.” The new bureau also highlights a new partnership in automotive prolongation between Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (Crafter) and MAN (TGE) – dual brands within Volkswagen Truck Bus.

Lower Saxony Minister President Stephan Weil took partial in a opening rite as a member of a supervisory board. He was visibly tender by a new bureau and conveyed best wishes from a supervision of a German state of Lower Saxony. “As we know, a automotive attention finds itself in a state of transformation. Everything that we have seen here creates me positive that this prolongation site will be fit for a future,” pronounced Weil. “I wish a employees most success in a tasks that wait us in arriving years.”

Dr Eckhard Scholz, Chairman of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, settled that a code quietly mastered a “dual challenge” – namely building an glorious outpost while concurrently building a modernized prolongation site. “We are unapproachable of a accurate and on-schedule doing of this project, and above all of a people who done it happen. They all had a palm attaining this severe goal. we would like to demonstrate my honest interjection to you. This kind of joining serves as a indication for a destiny of a brand. Just a few weeks ago, a Crafter was named ‘International Van of a Year 2017’ by a eminent committee. This shows that we are on a right trail with a car and a factory. Now we need to spin a concentration to a future, to a severe prolongation launch and other arriving challenges.”

Jens Ocksen, Chairman of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Poznań, explained that a new plant represents a multiple “of excellently competent and rarely encouraged employees with advanced, fit and ergonomic prolongation processes.” He also remarkable that a plant had turn one of a largest construction sites in Europe. He pronounced that he is unapproachable of his team, who raced from miracle to miracle and delivered tip quality. “None of this will change during a ramp-up of a plant either,” positive Ocksen. In further to a concept, constructions, building apparatus and prolongation processes, environmental considerations, amicable and informative aspects were consistently and ceaselessly deliberate as well. “We have implemented many innovative solutions. The Września plant was built with an eye to a destiny – it comforts a latest record while being environmentally efficient.” Just recently, it perceived an endowment from a German Sustainable Building Council for a new buildings, model immature areas, amicable amenities and prolongation facilities.

About 3,000 people are employed during a new plant. Many new jobs were also combined in a closeness of a plant by building a retailer network and a use provider sector.

The Września prolongation site is by distant a largest unfamiliar investment to date in Poland with a volume of 800 million Euros for a construction and prolongation facilities.