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Podium for Audi motorist di Grassi in Buenos Aires

A word from … Lucas di Grassi

In Buenos Aires, we clinched your initial stick position in Formula E. Consequently, wouldn’t we have hoped for some-more than third place in a race?
Lucas di Grassi: “A lectern was a limit we were means to achieve. With third place in a competition and stick position we scored 18 points in total. It was no doubt a good weekend for us even yet we still have a lot of task to do.”

Why weren’t we means to urge your initial lead?
“It’s apparent that a cars with a Renault powertrain in front of and behind me were faster. In addition, my initial automobile felt flattering strange. we had comparatively tiny hold and a lot some-more oversteer than expected. The usually thing we could do was to wait until a automobile change median by a race. The second automobile afterwards was unequivocally good. we was means to pass Nico (Prost) and make adult some belligerent to Jev (Jean-Eric Vergne) too. Recovering from position 5 to 3 was a tip result. More than that wasn’t possible.”

You continue to arrange in second place of a standings, though a opening to personality of a standings Sébastien Buemi has gotten bigger. What can we do about that?
“Seb (Buemi) was widespread final year as well. But he done some mistakes that we took advantage of. This season, he hasn’t done any mistakes in a initial 3 races. Obviously, we’re going to continue perplexing to revoke a necessity to Renault. But during a season, usually tiny improvements are probable in Formula E. You can usually make a vital step with a new homologation – and that exists usually from year to year. We’re already operative on a new powertrain for deteriorate four.”

What will be probable in a subsequent races?
“In deteriorate three, we can usually try to measure as many points as possible. I’ve managed to do that flattering good so distant by holding second place in Hong Kong, fifth in Marrakesh, and a 18 points in in Buenos Aires. We have to be prepared to act when a others make mistakes. In that case, we can win races as well.”

You clinched your initial stick position in Formula E in Buenos Aires. Did we design that?
“We always try to remove a maximum. The lane had tiny hold and we managed a good lap. That it incited out to be stick position was a good surprise. It was good putting a automobile on pole.”