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Podium for Tom Sykes and a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team during Magny-Cours.

Magny-Cours. Tom Sykes (GBR) claimed another WorldSBK podium
for a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team and a new BMW S 1000 RR. Sykes
finished an sparkling Saturday competition during Magny-Cours (FRA) in third place,
carrying indeed led a competition in a early stages. His team-mate
Markus Reiterberger (GER) endured a formidable Saturday, finishing in
16th place. Magny-Cours is a venue for turn eleven of
a 2019 FIM Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK).

The morning’s Superpole was behind by half an hour
due to a unwashed track. Earlier rainfall meant conditions were still wet
and a special subordinate tyres could not be used. Sykes was sixth
fastest on his RR, earning him a mark on a second quarrel of a grid.
Reiterberger competent 19th.

By a start of a competition during 14:00, a infancy of a lane was
dry. Starting from sixth place, Sykes shortly worked his approach by the
margin and took a lead on his RR on path two. He fended off all the
attacks from behind and hold onto initial place in a
fiercely-competitive heading organisation until path six. The battles for
position continued during a front of a field, and primarily saw Sykes
dump behind to fifth place. When Michael outpost der Mark (NED / Yamaha)
crashed out of a lead, Sykes adopted fourth place. However, a Brit
was not happy with that position and pulled off a bold manoeuvre
on a penultimate path to pass Frenchman Loris Baz (Yamaha) and
went on to explain another lectern in third place. Reiterberger came home
16th, narrowly blank out on a points by usually 0.3 seconds.

Quotes after competition one during Magny-Cours.

Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director:
“Tom’s third place is a clever outcome after pell-mell continue conditions
on Friday and Saturday morning. The practices on Friday, that took
place in unsettled weather, were certain for Tom, nonetheless that was
not reflected directly in a results. We were not means to take full
advantage of a subordinate opening on soppy tyres, as we did not
name a ideal tyre form in a unsettled conditions. We had
targeted a front quarrel of a grid, yet Tom during slightest managed to limit
a repairs with sixth place. Tom’s initial path was simply fantastic. By
path dual we were using P1. From afterwards on, a competition was unequivocally eventful
and full of changes. In all a commotion, we forsaken behind to fifth
place. However, Tom delivered a unequivocally clever opening in the
shutting stages too, that authorised us to explain a subsequent lectern finish –
with a small assistance from a rivals. That is unequivocally appreciative and confirms
that a updates are performance-enhancing. Markus has been struggling
with his certainty in a set-up of his RR all weekend.
Unfortunately, he was also tormented by a problem with a electronics
in a competition that done his performances demeanour worse.”

Shaun Muir, Team Principal BMW Motorrad WorldSBK
“Tom was unhappy with superpole. We were happy
with a result; Tom was focused on a front quarrel yet unfortunately we
done a wrong choice in a tyre, though we were gratified with
P6. Markus unequivocally struggled with a bike and felt as yet he was
roving on ice that reflected in his time. Unfortunately this
continued into a competition and he was too distant behind to unequivocally make an
impact. Overall, competition one was substantially a best competition of a season.
Tom took a lead and battled unequivocally well, he withheld his tyre well
and set a plain gait and confirmed that gait to a unequivocally end. As
expected, he got closer to a front guys towards a finish of a race
and picked off Loris Baz in a final few laps so we are extremely
happy to supplement another lectern to a season. We have gained a lot of
information brazen of tomorrow and taken a good step brazen in the
growth of a BMW S 1000 RR that is a credit to a whole of the
BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team.”

Tom Sykes: “It was an eventful competition and an absolute
pleasure. we unequivocally enjoyed roving that one. A credit to a whole
team; we’ve done some changes to a bike in between Portimão and here
and it’s usually good as we am means to do things a small bit improved on
a track. we unequivocally enjoyed that race, generally in a beginning,
battling with a few guys and usually feeling in a improved position and
being means to fight. The framework and a tyre unequivocally stayed consistent
via a race. Certainly we need to find a small bit in some
areas yet altogether a lectern with usually a dual Kawasakis in front is
unequivocally earnest here given that we are usually 10 months into the
programme. we am really, unequivocally happy with a efforts and hopefully we
can keep this gait for tomorrow.”

Markus Reiterberger: “Unfortunately, we had issues
with a wiring in use this morning. As a result, we was only
means to finish 4 or 5 laps when a lane conditions were a
bit drier. However, that was still good adequate for 13th place. It then
poured down again in a Superpole. As we spent some-more time than anyone
on a lane in these conditions yesterday, we did wish that this might
play into my hands, however, we did not feel during all gentle on the
bike. The back circle was like roving on soap and we was incompetent to get
any purchase. It was unequivocally formidable to ride. 19th place on a grid is
not where we wish to be starting from. Unfortunately, we did not get off
to a good start in a race. It was generally unequivocally formidable to ride,
partly since we had wiring problems again. we unequivocally wish that we
brand a emanate fast and are shortly means to find something that
helps me.”