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Pole position in a compress segment: The Audi RS 3 Sedan

The new 2.5 TFSI outputs 294 kW (400 hp) – 33 hp some-more than a predecessor. That creates it the many absolute five-cylinder engine on a universe market. Its 480 Nm (354.0 lb-ft) of torque is accessible during engine speeds between 1,700 and 5,850 revolutions per notation for superb tractive power. The compress RS indication sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in only 4.1 seconds. It can achieve a limit speed of 250 km/h (155.3 mph); on ask Audi will boost a electronically singular tip speed to 280 km/h (174.0 mph). The singular sound of a five-cylinder section intensifies an already emotionally charged pushing experience. Its sound comes from carrying a ignition swap between directly adjacent cylinders and widely spaced ones. The sound can be mutated around Audi expostulate select.

With a light-alloy crankcase, a five-cylinder engine is 26 kilograms (57.3 lb) lighter than a predecessor. It employs a twin injection into a intake plural and into a explosion chambers, as good as a Audi valvelift complement for non-static control of a empty valves. The outcome is optimal energy growth during a reduced expenditure level.

Sportiness, tip traction and pushing safety
With lightning-fast shifting, a S tronic seven-speed twin purchase delivery transmits a energy of a 2.5 TFSI to a quattro permanent all-wheel drive. Its electro-hydraulic multi-plate purchase distributes a expostulate torque variably between a axles. The electronic control combines higher fortitude with a high turn of pushing pleasure. The sportier a driving, a faster and some-more mostly will a vast share of a torque strech a back axle. The result: generally flexible pushing characteristics.

quattro government is integrated as a customary underline in a Audi expostulate name energetic doing system, as are a steering, S tronic, engine government and a tractable empty flaps. The motorist can away change a operation of these components between a 3 modes comfort, automobile and dynamic. The same is loyal for a discretionary RS competition cessation and with adaptive check control.

Wheel-selective torque control, an intelligent program underline of a Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC), rounds off a work of a all-wheel drive. In quick cornering it somewhat brakes a inside wheels, that are underneath a reduced load. In this approach it can broadcast larger parallel power, creation doing some-more liquid and stable. In addition, a RS-specifically tuned ESC comes with a competition mode for tranquil drifting. The ESC can also be entirely deactivated for generally sporty pushing characteristics.

Progressive steering, four-link back axle, a parsimonious setup and lowered by 25 millimeters (1.0 in) relations to a customary indication – a framework of a RS 3 sedan is a ideal partner for a absolute expostulate system. From a fast core position, a RS 3 sedan casually steers into curves and follows by with higher precision. The front stop disks have a hole of
370 millimeters (14.6 in), while eight-piston calipers with large-area linings yield optimal deceleration. Alternatively, Audi reserve carbon-fiber ceramic disks in front. At a back spindle there are stop disks with a hole of 310 millimeters (12.2 in). Standard on a RS 3 sedan are 19-inch wheels and 235/35 tires. 255/30 tires are optionally accessible in front.

Distinctive RS pattern outward and inside
The new tip contestant in a compress shred also expresses a sporty impression visually. The Singleframe with a three-dimensional honeycomb grille bears a quattro trademark along a bottom. Underneath, a blade extends opposite a whole breadth of a front into a side atmosphere inlets, where it forms slight funnels for improved atmosphere upsurge by a circle arches. LED headlights with their particular daytime regulating light signature are standard; Audi also offers pattern LED headlights as an option. Compared with an A3, a front line of a RS 3 sedan is wider by 20 millimeters (0.8 in) – a front circle arches are accordingly wider flared as well. At a back spindle a wheels are spaced 14 millimeters (0.6 in) serve detached compared with a simple model.

A bound spoiler mouth on a luggage cell lid improves a subdivision of atmosphere flow. A particular diffusor insert with straight struts and a vast oval tailpipes of a RS empty complement cancel a rear. Audi exclusively offers a RS-specific paint colors Nardo gray and Catalunya red as options.

The dark-toned interior welcomes a motorist and passengers with bright doorway sills temperament a RS 3 logos as a customary feature. Black glorious Nappa leather competition seats with RS logos on a backrests are standard. Optionally accessible are some-more contoured RS competition seats with integrated conduct restraints. Their covers are also solid patterned and color-perforated. The RS competition leather steering circle is flattened during a bottom. Inlays during a instrument row and during a doors finish a atmosphere of sporty elegance.

Intuitive operation and high-definition displays
The prosaic hierarchies and cleverly related context menus make operation of a Audi RS 3 sedan discerning and ergonomic. The categorical control component is a rotary/push-button control on a console of a core tunnel. With a tip infotainment complement MMI navigation and with MMI touch, a depot includes a touchpad for scrolling, zooming and writing. Additionally enclosed is a giveaway content hunt underline that automatically completes a user’s submit after entering only a few letters. The voice control processes questions and commands formulated in typical language.

Standard is an electrically fluctuating MMI shade with a 7-inch diagonal. The dual round instrument dials are black with red needles and white scales. The mainly positioned motorist information complement includes a boost vigour indicator, an oil thermometer and a path timer. The entirely digital Audi practical cockpit is optionally available. On a high-resolution 12.3-inch guard a motorist can select between 3 arrangement modes. They embody a special RS shade that moves a tachometer to a center. On a left and right information appears on tire pressure, torque and g‑forces. When a delivery is handling in primer mode, a scale with a tone credentials prompts a motorist to use a steering circle paddle or selector push to upshift when coming limit revs.

Always online with Audi bond and Audi smartphone interface
An LTE procedure gets a Audi RS 3 sedan online. It brings on house a several services of Audi connect, including navigation with Google Earth and Google Street View, as good as information on fuel prices, a weather, transport and traffic. The information is displayed directly in a MMI, and operation is by approach of a standard-equipped RS multifunction steering wheel, a rotary/push-button control and touchpad or by oral command. Data is transmitted around a new Audi bond SIM, that is factory-installed in a car. With a analogous information prosaic rate a patron can immediately use a services for adult to 3 years giveaway of assign – even in other European countries. In addition, a navigation systems embody a Wi-Fi hotspot enabling passengers to roller a web with their tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

The giveaway Audi MMI bond app offers many other features, such as transferring your smartphone’s calendar to a MMI. Through Aupeo! and Napster it affords entrance to large song marks and audio books. Destinations from Google Maps, points of seductiveness (POIs) and a entries from a “Travel” use can be eliminated from your smartphone to your car’s navigation complement regulating a app. The Audi smartphone interface brings Apple Car Play and Android Auto into a car.

Selected apps for a phone, navigation and streaming services, for example, are afterwards directly displayed on a MMI screen. The motorist can control a apps regulating a several handling options in a car.

Attractive extra components finish a infotainment line. The Audi phone box inductively charges a smartphone according to a Qi customary and connects it to a automobile receiver around near-field coupling for optimal accepting quality. The Bang Olufsen Sound System produces an glorious sound knowledge with 705 watts of energy and 14 speakers.

Arrive protected and loose during your end interjection to new assistance systems
The RS 3 sedan is also a tip of a category when it comes to motorist assistance systems. They keep a automobile during a preferred stretch from a automobile in front, support a motorist when changing lanes and staying within a given lane, detect trade signs and assistance equivocate rear-end collisions and walking accidents.

New are a trade jam assist, that quickly takes over a steering in slow-moving trade adult to 65 km/h (40.4 mph), a puncture assist, that automatically stops a automobile if required, and cranky trade support rear. The latter complement looks out for channel vehicles when pulling out of a parking space.

The compress RS indication will be launched in China and a USA from summer 2017 underneath a “Audi Sport” label.

Fuel expenditure of a models named above

Audi RS 3 sedan:
This automobile is not nonetheless on sale. It does not nonetheless have form capitulation and is therefore not theme to Directive 1999/94/EC.