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Porsche Consulting: Every Kernel Counts

It is collect time. When a corn is ripe, millions of tons of yellow ears are collected from a fields. There is small room for delay. Rainclouds might be on a environment and a collect contingency begin. From a field, a stand is delivered to a estimate plant. This is where a prolongation cycle begins, that transforms corn into profitable rural products. First, a scale is private and a product is dried. The subsequent step is a shelling process, where a kernels are distant from a cobs. And finally, a kernels are personal according to size, treated, and packaged.

Corn is a cornerstone of a food industry—especially in South America, where it is used to make scarcely all a cereal products that are done out of wheat or rye elsewhere. Brazil is one of a biggest corn-growing countries and one of a many critical and rival corn markets in a world. This is where Bayer has located partial of a corn prolongation business. Producing corn from ears is a formidable and innovative routine carried out by learned workers within a brief time frame. Once a collect is in, a ears have to be processed fast to equivocate seed being lost. Missing this window since of problems in a prolongation cycle or suboptimal storage of food crops formula in detriment of profitable product and financial losses. Downtime caused by technical problems is a critical issue. “We find limit accessibility of a resources during collect time,” says Rogério Martins, South America Reliability and Maintenance Manager during Bayer in Brazil. “Reducing a volume of upkeep time is essential in shortening cost. Downtime during collect is a genuine problem and contingency not occur during all.”

The machine during a estimate plant contains many sensors, that constantly guard a corn’s condition—checking, for example, for changes in heat and moisture. These are a characteristics that establish a crop’s quality. The gigabytes of information generated by a sensors are used to forestall downtime and make a whole prolongation cycle some-more efficient. However, generating a information is usually a initial step. “The plea is how to collect, manage, and spin a information into suggestive information and rise models that can be rolled out flexibly in prolongation plants with varying requirements,” says Martins. Bayer has selected Porsche Consulting to support a corn prolongation multiplication in Brazil in building data-driven solutions designed to pierce towards predictive item management.

In an initial phase, Porsche Consulting and Bayer’s government in Brazil assessed a stream situation, requesting a scoring complement to magnitude opening on a basement of pivotal indicators. With a “5” indicating “world class,” a group saw an event for alleviation in a Brazilian plants. Martins pronounced a outcome did not warn them. “We knew that we could run a plants some-more good and revoke downtime. We knew that we were too reactive in rebellious downtime. We also generated outrageous amounts of information from a machines though did not indispensably request a right models to use a data. That’s where Porsche Consulting came in to support us with their expertise,” he said. “Rather than creation incremental improvements we wanted to jump brazen and grasp world-class practices and ready a multiplication for a future.”

Fixing a pain points was critical though usually a commencement of a process. The pivotal was to pierce towards Industry 4.0 standards and predictive maintenance. “Together with a team, a devise was designed to brand areas that indispensable attention,” says Bruno Nogueira Costa, South America Maintenance Excellence Center Lead during Bayer. Quick wins were identified. There were 3 categorical areas for action. The initial dual focused on upkeep formulation and operational excellence, aiming to revoke cost, and a third endangered register levels in sequence to urge in money flow.

When it comes to downtime in a receiving areas of a plant, a conditions in opposite plants varies depending on seasons and stand varieties. With predictive item management, this has softened significantly.

Looking serve ahead, a group devised a five-year devise with severe targets to revoke costs by 50 percent. The initial dual years are endangered with cost rebate and improvements in potency and environment adult commander projects to exam new practices before they are rolled out in all plants. During this time a conditions will be assessed serve with a special concentration on how information is collected and managed. Showcases have been set adult to denote a intensity of these procedural changes. “First formula in cost saving have shown a rebate of 10 percent, that is great, though usually a beginning,” says Costa. “Based on this groundwork, a subsequent large pierce in a entrance years will be to deliver unconstrained systems. Becoming entirely digital is paramount.”

Pilot projects have already been carried out to demeanour into how information is collected and managed. In year one, a categorical concentration is to order information and urge a peculiarity of a information generated. This is not a doubt of installing some-more sensors along a process. The pivotal is how to use a existent information generated and pattern and request a right information models. “This is a commencement of a prolonged training bend and Porsche Consulting is running a group along this tour towards a digital future,” says Martins.

It’s not only about technology. “It is positively critical that a teams in a plants are partial of that journey. Interviews with pivotal stakeholders were conducted, feedback was collected, upheld on, and discussed,” says Costa. Training complements a transition. Overall acceptance of a new processes as good as a devise for relocating towards a digital classification has been unequivocally good. “Naturally, a rollout in opposite plants is utterly challenging, as conditions vary. They need flexibility. Some tools of a routine can be standardized, others not,” says Martins.

A partial of a Porsche consultant’s purpose has been to expostulate change government to support transition. “They unequivocally accepted a conditions and described it unequivocally well. They also had a imagination to beam us by a whole process, from a initial assessment, planning, pilots and showcases, a set-up of information models as good as a doing and rollout of particular practices,” says Martin. As a result, a commander plant of Campo Grande has already softened a altogether opening measure by 68 percent.

As a South American group moves brazen and reaps a initial certain formula from a initial phases of this desirous project, a wider association is looking to see what it can learn from their example. “We are operative with a tellurian group to conclude a best approach brazen for upkeep within other Bayer groups and plants,” says Costa. “This is a approach we wish to work in a future.”


Photo: Porsche Consulting GmbH