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Porsche Consulting: Higher Sales and More Hires

The globally active government consultancy Porsche Consulting posted new record sales of 173 million euros for a 2018 business year—up from 139 million euros in 2017 (+24.5%). Founded 25 years ago, a association now employs 580 people. It expects to continue a expansion arena in 2019 and sinecure 120 employees by a finish of a year. Candidates should have several years of knowledge in attention or government consulting. Porsche consultants concentration on a automotive, aviation, industrial goods, consumer goods, and use industries. In further to Stuttgart, a association has domestic offices in Hamburg, Munich, and Berlin, and general offices in Milan, São Paulo, Atlanta, Belmont (Silicon Valley), and Shanghai. Plans call for a subsequent plcae to open in 2019—in Frankfurt am Main.