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Porsche Design Launches Innovative World-time Watch

The name Porsche immediately evokes mental images of fast, ideally assembled sports cars and famous racetracks around a globe. The name also calls to mind precision, functionality and performance, regardless of a time zone. Now, Porsche Design gives ideal figure to these ideas with a new 1919 Globetimer UTC, that embodies a technologically innovative and aesthetically ideal multiple of motorsport and timekeeping conflicting all (time) boundaries.

“If we investigate a duty of an object, a form mostly becomes obvious,” was a tenet of Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. With a new 1919 Globetimer UTC, a engineers and designers during Porsche Design have once again met a high standards set by a company’s founder. This new world-time wristwatch from Porsche Design sparks unrestrained with a winning multiple of radically simplified functionality and optimized legibility of a displays. No matter where in a universe your travels take you, a elementary pull of a symbol resets a twelve-hour palm to uncover internal time. A day/night front serves as an a.m./p.m. indicator, assisting a wearer set a time for a scold half of a day in a new time zone. The date, related to a internal time, automatically shifts brazen or back when necessary. The notation and home time displays sojourn unblushing by a reset – Porsche opening for a wrist!

World-time Watch 1919 Globetimer UTC, Porsche Design, 2019, Porsche AG

Design desirous by excellence 

In 1972, Prof. F. A. Porsche began realizing his pattern ideas for a far-reaching accumulation of bland objects. A chronograph wristwatch was one of his initial projects. He designed it in suitability with a same beliefs of ideal legibility, ergonomics and a present approval specifying a cockpit of a Porsche 911, that he designed. Admired ever since, Porsche Design epitomizes naked clarity decently ordering form and function, and symbolizing technically desirous products over a automotive world, concurrently gripping a same standards of aesthetics and technological leadership. Porsche Design Timepieces enjoys special stress in this context. The incessant titillate for opening and precision, along with a singular send of record from sports automobile construction to a watch industry, has always been and stays an requirement and proclivity to be brazen thinking, so building watches forward of their time.

The famous compass watch, that total dual accurate measuring instruments for course in time and space, is one example. The initial chronograph done wholly of titanium, that debuted in 1980, is another. Prof. F. A. Porsche revolutionized normal watchmaking by his use of titanium, a corrosion-free, lightweight and hypoallergenic steel Porsche had already used in a construction of engines for racing cars. The confidant “Ocean” diver’s watch was also done of titanium, as were Porsche Design’s “travel watch” with world-time denote and alarm in 1995, a WorldTimer in 2007 and a Globetimer in 2015.

All of these wristwatches decently infer another matter by Porsche Design’s idealist founder: “I trust that one should not container anything unless one knows accurately what’s inside it. One contingency consciously regard oneself with a duty of a intent and grow along with it.” This is precisely a conditions with a new 1919 Globetimer UTC and a rarely organic time-zone mechanism. This watch’s designers and engineers took a long, complete demeanour during accurately what globetrotters need in their daily lives, and joined all a required features, formulating an uncompromising, undying synthesis.

World-time Watch 1919 Globetimer UTC, Porsche Design, 2019, Porsche AG

From use for practice 

Practicality is a tip priority for long-distance travelers. Porsche Design’s 1919 Globetimer UTC creates it really easy for visit travelers not to remove a impulse of changed time. The internal time can be conveniently set with a assist of a ergonomically shaped, optimally positioned pusher. Each press of this symbol causes a short, local-time hour palm to allege clockwise one position. When drifting east, any press of a “+” symbol advances a second time section by an interlude of one hour. When drifting west, dire a “–” symbol causes a UTC hands to pierce in a conflicting direction. All a while, a UTC hands automatically move, remaining in synchrony. To assure this occurs during midnight and not during noon, a time needs to be set rightly only once. A round window on a left-hand side of a dial facilitates this task: a white dot appears here during a daytime hours, though a orifice stays black during night. Porsche Design has also taken into comment a anxiety time, for that a second and clearly discernible hour palm with a particular radiant tip is responsible. This palm turns once any twenty-four hours, arrangement during a peek either it is reasonable to phone home, or if it is already too late (or too early) to arise one’s family.

Nothing has been left to possibility with a operation of a 1919 Globetimer UTC. The pushers, any with a precisely tangible vigour point, dispatch a switching operations with speed and precision, designed and built with a chronographic cunning amassed by Porsche given 1972. The well-conceived push-button control ensures discerning operation, even while seated behind a circle of a car. There is no need to unscrew a climax or clarity a initial detent position for eccentric composition of a local-time hour hand, so expelling a intensity source of tellurian error. This is another instance of a good significance Porsche Design places on protected and secure operation. This also relates to a choice of handling a watch under water: a waterproof box reliably withstands vigour adult to 10 bar.

Perfect legibility is another critical feature. To intuitively arrangement a time from any observation angle, a dial’s radius has been done as vast as possible, while a titanium box was designed to be unusually slim. Well-balanced styling imbues this watch with a singular lightness, serve extended by a handsomely done wristband. Color contrasts, particular hands, indices and numerals mix with a inexhaustible use of nonradioactive Super-LumiNova radiant element to minimize a possibility of misreading, even in conditions characterized by bad visibility. In addition, a sevenfold antireflective cloaking and an additional hard-coated diagnosis strengthen a turquoise crystal. 

Trade satisfactory Baselworld, 2019, Porsche AG

A size in a possess right 

“If we wanted something, we had to do it ourselves.” This matter by Prof. F. A. Porsche is still loyal today, as is certainly reliable by a innovative involuntary transformation inside a tripartite 42-mm titanium case. Porsche Design’s new Caliber Werk 04.110, formed on a Sellita Caliber SW 200, adds a possess ball-borne, bidirectional circuitous rotor. The transformation builds adult a 38-hour energy haven with a change paced during 4 hertz. The front of a size is versed with a time-zone resource specifically grown for Porsche Design. Such a time-zone mechanism, utilizing an inventive push-button mechanism, was so distant not accessible on a market. In 2014, a association accordingly motionless to rise a required transformation itself. The judgment was followed by drafting accurate technical specifications for an disdainful module, duly engineered by Porsche Design and made by Dubois-Dépraz. Before starting sequence production, a mechanisms underwent several long-term tests in correspondence with a despotic criteria of Chronofiable SA. The impact test’s possibilities accept a blow homogeneous to scarcely 5,000 times their possess weight, while any push-piece contingency withstand during slightest 10,000 switching cycles – distant some-more than a watch will ever endure, even underneath impassioned use. Before it is secluded in a case, any transformation contingency also infer a timekeeping correctness for fifteen uninterrupted days during a Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). The size contingency not remove some-more than four, nor benefit some-more than 6 seconds per day, via a fifteen-day ordeal. During this time, a transformation undergoes contrast in 5 opposite positions and during 3 opposite temperatures.

Porsche Design’s use of titanium for a 1919 Globetimer UTC is self-explanatory. Titanium’s glorious properties make it a ideal element for a equally fluent classical case, whose round figure draws impulse from a precisionist clarity and organic aesthetics of a Porsche 911. As Prof. F. A. Porsche says: “A rigourously agreeable product needs conjunction decoration, nor exaggeration. The form should pull a life from a unclothed smallest and contingency not confuse from a product and a function.” 

The 1919 Globetimer UTC is partial of a disdainful 1919 watch collection and is accessible as of Sep 2019, in 4 indication variants, starting during a cost of 5,950 Euros (RRP) in Porsche Design Stores, during name specialty retailers, and online at