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Porsche in 2018: Inspiration, contribution and figures

Its reader-friendly news comprises dual sections. In a initial of these, entitled “Perspective”, acclaimed authors, photographers and illustrators have tackled a issues of a destiny that matter to multitude and so to Porsche in this epoch of digital transformation. The second part, “Performance”, uses contribution and total to benefaction a company’s opening over a past financial year, objectively and to a point. Augmented existence also helps move a Porsche news to life, enhancing many cinema and graphics with interesting and ominous elements. The Annual and Sustainability Report is accessible in German, English and Chinese, with all denunciation versions accessible online in a Porsche Newsroom in a dedicated microsite and in PDF format.

Annual and Sustainability Report 2018, Porsche AG

The “Perspective” territory of a news aims to inspire, encourage, confront and surprise over a 145 pages, lifting a questions and themes confronting a automotive zone in this age of industrial upheaval. The executive thesis is “doing” and a associated call to tackle these hurdles full-on and find innovative solutions. Prominent authors including Wolf Lotter, Eva Wolfangel and Tobias Hürter cruise this rallying cry and a stream developments in multitude and attention from a forward-looking and vicious perspective, while illustrators assistance to set a stage by images and film. New York-based star photographer Martin Schoeller has also contributed to a report, with his trademark, distinguished close-ups of a people who are operative to swell a digital mutation at, with and on interest of Porsche.

The “Performance” territory is 168 pages long. It papers a pivotal events in any area of a business for 2018, portrays opening for a financial year, and sets out a company’s financial information and research as good as mercantile pivotal figures. Additionally, Porsche’s sustainability efforts in all areas are described.

The Annual and Sustainability Report microsite in a Porsche Newsroom includes interactive tables, minute overviews and additional functions ( Key total from opposite years can be compared opposite any other and particular research tables created. These can be constructed in striking form, and saved and used in a accumulation of formats (e.g. jpg, pdf, xls).

The Annual and Sustainability Report has been constructed by a artistic group Meiré und Meiré, that has 30 years’ knowledge of iconic character during a sequence of design, art and architecture.