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Porsche withdrawal Mexico with churned feelings after stick position

André Lotterer (DE) available a fastest path in Super Pole to secure stick position during a fourth competition of a ABB FIA Formula E Championship in Mexico City (MX) and explain another prominence for Porsche in a fully-electric competition series. He scored 3 points in a drivers’ championship.

Lotterer did not, however, suffer such good happening in a competition itself. After battling with wheelspin during a start, he mislaid 3 places after strike with contingent competition leader Mitch Evans (Jaguar Racing, NZ) during a entrance to spin one. Further battles caused serious repairs to a bodywork of a Porsche 99X Electric, forcing him to retire from a race.

Neel Jani (CH) finished a competition in 14th place in a #18 Porsche 99X Electric. The Swiss motorist had cumulative 14th position on a grid in subordinate and was means to pierce adult one place in a opening phase, before descending behind after holding a drive-through chastisement for a technical order violation.

As was a box in a initial dual races of a deteriorate in Diriyah (SA), Lotterer was in a tip 5 for a Fanboost voting yet was incompetent to make use of a additional energy. Lotterer is in tenth place in a drivers’ standings, while Neel Jani is now in 23rd position. After 4 races, a TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team is ninth in a organisation standings. The fifth competition of a ABB FIA Formula E Championship 2019/2020 will take place on 29th Feb 2020 in Marrakesh (MA).

Reactions to a Mexico City E-Prix

Amiel Lindesay (Head of Operations Formula E): “That was another tough competition for us. André was regularly concerned in battles that exceedingly shop-worn a car. We eventually had to repel a automobile from a race. A drive-through chastisement was imposed on Neel after a reserve automobile period. We will have to analyse a accurate reason for this. Of course, we are unhappy with how a competition went yet we need to concentration on a certain aspects of this weekend. The stick position and a gait of both drivers shows that we are unequivocally competitive.”

Neel Jani (Porsche 99X Electric, #18): “The start went well, even yet we was on a unwashed side of a track. After that, we was concerned in a lot of battles and kept removing strike from in front and from behind. It’s a contrition that we was after subjected to a drive-through penalty. Had that not been a case, a improved outcome would positively have been possible. we am happy that we was means to finish a competition and benefit some some-more experience. André’s stick position showed what a automobile is able of. That gives us certainty for Marrakesh.”

André Lotterer (Porsche 99X Electric, #36): “Of course, that is not a outcome we had hoped for. we struggled with wheelspin during a start and afterwards Mitch (Evans) strike me on a initial corner. That mislaid me a few places. It was a tough competition with copiousness of incidents. After so many collisions, my automobile was so badly shop-worn that we had to retire. we will go behind on a conflict in Marrakesh.”

Preview: Mexico City E-Prix questions and answers

The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team travels to a subsequent spin of a 2019/2020 ABB FIA Formula E Championship full of confidence and with a transparent goal: The organisation is looking to get behind in a points with a Porsche 99X Electric during a Mexico City E-Prix. The competition takes place on sections of a iconic “Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez” and climbs to a full 2,250 metres above sea level, creation a E-Prix in Mexico City a tip competition on a Formula E calendar.

Neel Jani (Porsche works driver, #18)

In Santiago, we missed out on a Super Pole by usually 0.15 seconds. Can we make it into a tip 6 in subordinate in Mexico?

“Qualifying in Santiago showed us that we have a intensity to make it into a Super Pole. we am training with any subordinate event and any race. we would apparently like to take another step brazen in Mexico. It would be good to get both cars into a Super Pole. As a lane has some-more hold than other Formula E circuits, a conditions will presumably be identical for all 4 subordinate groups, definition everybody will have equal opportunity.”

You have driven during a “Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez” a few times during your time in LMP1 – yet on a unchanging circuit. What is your sense of this year’s Formula E layout, and what are your goals for a race?

“Compared to my prior races during this circuit, a Formula E blueprint usually facilities dual of a same corners. Generally speaking, a lane is not your standard Formula E circuit, yet it is rather some-more informed domain for me: You have some-more hold and there are no bumps. It is suggestive of classical racetracks. It is a unequivocally quick circuit with prolonged straights and unconditional corners, that will significantly impact appetite management. The temperatures also play a vital purpose there. They impact both a tyres and battery management. Generally speaking, we transport to Mexico in a certain support of mind. The fans always make us unequivocally acquire in Formula E, and it is good fun to competition in front of a crowds. We wish to feat a intensity during a Mexico City E-Prix.”

André Lotterer (Porsche works driver, #36)

The blueprint of a Formula E circuit has altered dramatically this year. What is new?

“Generally speaking, a circuit is most faster. Two sections are key: The initial zone is totally opposite to final year and a final spin no longer has a chicane. You will not find a longer right-hander during any other Formula E circuit. That will poise a plea when it comes to tyre temperature, quite for a rear-left tyre. It will be engaging to see how this means affects tyre management.”

What are your expectations brazen of a Mexico City E-Prix?

“It is tough to contend what awaits us in Mexico. In principle, we wish to finish in a points with both cars. The circuit is some-more or reduction new to everyone, that is a good thing for us. It means we are not during a waste compared to a other teams. And it is some-more of a normal racetrack, that means a margin will presumably be tighten together. The blueprint means we contingency be careful with your appetite management, that will be a determining factor. The Mexico City E-Prix is always a good race. The Mexican fans are unequivocally enthusiastic. When we expostulate by a stadium, we can hear a crowds in a grandstands. That is what creates this E-Prix so special.”

Amiel Lindesay (Head of Operations Formula E)

What has a organisation schooled from a prior E-Prix in Diriyah and Santiago, that is applicable to a Mexico City E-Prix?

“We took what we schooled in Diriyah and put it into use in Santiago, where we were improved prepared. The competition apparently did not go wholly to plan. However, we did make progress, that gives us means for optimism. It is critical to keep training all a time and to say a certain mindset. The training bend stays a high one. That goes for a entrance E-Prix and all a remaining races. The organisation is good prepared and will pull tough again during a Mexico City E-Prix.”

Does a organisation have an advantage in that certain sections of a lane are informed from a time in LMP1?

“That is an easy doubt to answer: No. Formula E is totally opposite to any other motorsport series, that means we can't unequivocally use what we schooled in a LMP1 races. The circuit has also been specifically adapted. Generally speaking, we like a new layout, that has distant faster corners and is longer than final season. We are unequivocally looking brazen to backing adult during a Mexico City E-Prix with a dual Porsche 99X Electric.”

Everything we need to know about a Mexico City E-Prix

The format

Mexico City hosts spin 4 of a 2019/2020 ABB FIA Formula E Championship. There is a brief organic exam (Shakedown) on a eve of a competition (14th February). Race day (15th February) starts with dual giveaway use sessions. The initial lasts 45 minutes, a second 30 minutes. In qualifying, a drivers are divided into 4 groups of six, formed on a standings in a Drivers’ Championship. André Lotterer is now ninth, so starts in organisation 2. Neel Jani, in 23rd place, goes in organisation 4. The drivers any have 6 mins to set a best probable path time. The fastest 6 drivers opposite all a groups afterwards validate for a 20-minute Super Pole. This decides who will start a competition from a first, second and third quarrel of a grid. The competition lasts 45 mins and one lap.

The track

The Mexico City E-Prix is hold on sections of a “Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez”. The 2.606-km circuit has been blending for this year’s Formula E competition and facilities long, quick corners, as good as some slight sections. The final zone takes a drivers by a “Foro Sol Stadium”, that is famous for a singular atmosphere.

The timings

Qualifying and a Mexico City E-Prix will be promote live on Eurosport.

Qualifying: Eurosport 1, 15 Feb 2020, 18:35 – 19:45 hrs, live (CET)

Race: Eurosport 1, 15 Feb 2020, 22:55 – 00:00 hrs, live (CET)


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