Porsche Canada

Porsche shows the loyal colours

Porsche stays as appealing as ever: a association receives 150,000 applications each year and frequently tops employer ranking lists. At Porsche, there is a sold concentration on colleagues feeling a clarity of togetherness and cooperation. And to make it transparent that a association truly lives these values, and is not merely profitable them mouth service, Porsche is rising a new campaign. The debate will prominence a sports automobile manufacturer as an authentic employer, and seeks to give an discernment – quite for students and immature professionals – into bland life in Zuffenhausen: unembellished and down to earth.

There will be no staged scenes, models or specifically comparison staff brought to a front here: instead, reportage-style clips and black-and-white images will prominence a tellurian side of Porsche as an employer brand. The enchanting photos even take an ironically humorous angle during times, for instance in one imitation where usually an employee’s feet can be seen poking out from underneath a 911, with a message: “You don’t have to mount in a spotlight to assistance an idol shine.” Elsewhere a debate declares: “Have a debility for quick cars? You’d improved work on it.” In another transparent square of messaging, a content reads: “You can’t build tomorrow’s cars with yesterday’s care methods.”

The pivotal values: “Passion, courage, opening and one family“

“We are starting from a position of strength,” says Andreas Haffner, Member of a Executive Board obliged for HR and Social Affairs during Porsche AG, “but it’s no longer adequate to capacitate us to find a right gifted people and keep them in a prolonged term. This is since a glorious sports cars change how we are tangible as an employer, and they symbolize status and financial success above all else. However, this simplified perspective does not do probity to Porsche as an employer.”

The basement of a new debate is a company’s informative model, that was serve grown by some-more than 500 employees from each dialect and a workers legislature in 2017. The pivotal values behind this indication are “passion, courage, opening and one family.” These values consolidate a self-perception of a group operative Porsche.

Developed by Scholz Friends Berlin and photographed by Scottish photographer Jane Stockdale, a debate consists of a operation of online activities in further to imitation and large-scale adverts, that will seem in cities such as Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, perfume and Stuttgart. Short ‘making-of’ clips give a several participants a possibility to have their contend and will accompany a debate on amicable media and in a Porsche Newsroom.