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Porsche Steps Up Vintage Motorsports Activities

“Race cars are meant to foe not rust”

Atlanta. With a famed Monterey Motorsports Reunion as backdrop, Porsche Motorsport North America (PMNA) now announced it will enhance from portion teams and owners of contemporary 911 foe cars to providing a identical use to a vast series of collectors of selected Porsche foe cars in a US and Canada. PMNA has determined a partnership with a new ancestral motorsports dialect that is now being determined within Porsche AG’s Motorsport Division in Weissach, Germany. The new dialect will yield consultant replacement services to a Porsche Museum for many of a selected foe cars a association owns good over a ones displayed in a riveting muster center. When ready, a series of these cars will be entered in a increasingly renouned selected racing circuit around a world.

“We wish to keep a memory of Porsche’s many racing successes alive by not only putting a mythological foe cars on arrangement though by vouchsafing them actively contest in events that applaud ancestral motorsports,” pronounced Achim Stejskal, Director of a Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. “Race cars have to race, not rust,” he combined with a smile.

Working closely with a Weissach, Germany formed operation, PMNA will supplement birthright racecar replacement and servicing to a repertoire. So far, a association has been especially concerned in a offered and ancillary 911 foe cars to North American owners and teams as good as in a replacement of foe engines for ancestral Porsche foe cars like a 917 and 962.

PMNA will pierce a operations from a stream Santa Ana, CA plcae to Carson, CA where Porsche Cars North America is building a West Coast Experience Center. The new trickery is approaching to be prepared by tumble of subsequent year. Aside from housing PMNA’s offices, tools storage and seminar facilities, a new formidable will incorporate a business and discussion center, a tellurian opening laboratory and a series of comforts for business and enthusiasts that will capacitate them to finalize preference of their subsequent Porsche or file their pushing skills.

“Our new, most incomparable trickery will capacitate us to reunite with foe cars that PMNA worked on decades ago”, commented Jens Walter, President and CEO of Porsche Motorsport North America. “Finally, we can respond to a direct for factory-backed replacement and upkeep services, imagination that no other manufacturer can provide,” he added.

A pivotal member of Porsche’s new Experience Center will be an over three-mile prolonged exam lane that includes a whole operation of opposite lane and aspect conditions, that will plea a skills of drivers and a ability of their cars.

As an attention first, PMNA will be means to offer foe automobile owners a event to store their cars in a new trickery in a museum-like atmosphere, use them between races and get them foe prepared before any tour including a required corruption / roll-out on a exam lane after correct and upkeep work.


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