Mercedes-Benz Canada

Powerful design: a new E-Class Estate.

The new E-Class Estate is another envoy of a Mercedes-Benz pattern truth of erotic virginity and represents complicated luxury. It ideally combines tension with comprehension and, during a same time, it is both prohibited and cool. It captivates with a sensual, pristine pattern idiom, energetic proportions as good as a assured appearance. Thanks to a intelligent and non-static space concept, it emphasizes a exemplary characteristics of a Mercedes-Benz estate. It looks like a Saloon indication by to a B-pillar. From a prolonged bonnet, a conformation emerges that flows excitingly opposite a prolonged widen of roof with a sporty bend into a absolute back of a estate with a steeply tapering back window. Short overhangs, a prolonged wheelbase and vast wheels make for energetic proportions. In and with a high beltline, a low, stretched side windows make a car seem longer.