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Pricing Announced for New 2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel

August 16, 2019

, Auburn Hills, Mich.

Ram Truck currently announced pricing for a 2020 Ram 1500 powered by a new 3.0-liter V-6 EcoDiesel engine with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starting during $­­­­­­36,890 for a Tradesman Quad Cab 2WD, and $1,695 destination.
The EcoDiesel is a $4,995 option, or $3,000 reward over a 5.7-liter HEMI® V-8 eTorque ($3,300 on Tradesman, Big Horn/Lone Star, Rebel and Laramie bottom models).
“The Ram 1500 EcoDiesel offers a best torque and towing among all half-ton diesel trucks,” said Reid Bigland, Head of Ram Brand. “Now with a 10-year lane record, a Ram code has emerged as a lorry powertrain record leader. Overall, a Ram 1500 EcoDiesel has glorious pick-up lorry capability and is truly in a category of a own.”
The 2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is accessible opposite all models and configurations, including a first-time charity in a Ram Rebel.
The Ram 1500’s all-new 3.0-liter V-6 EcoDiesel leads a half-ton pickup lorry shred in torque with 480 lb.-ft. and diesel towing capability of 12,560 pounds.

The 2019 Ram 1500 Classic is also offering with a second-generation 3.0-liter EcoDiesel. Pricing for a Ram 1500 Classic EcoDiesel (Crew Cab 4×2) starts during $39,140, and destination.
Fuel economy ratings will be announced closer to when trucks go on sale early in a fourth entertain of this year.
All-new EcoDiesel engine
The third era of a turbocharged EcoDiesel V-6 delivers increasing torque and horsepower, along with glorious fuel economy and minimal levels of noise, quivering and rudeness (NVH) to accommodate a needs of Ram 1500 owners.
In a 2020 Ram 1500, a 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 is rated during a best-in-class 480 lb.-ft. of torque during 1,600 rpm, a 14 percent boost from a previous-generation EcoDiesel V-6, that peaks 400 rpm earlier. Horsepower increases 8 percent to 260 hp during 3,600 rpm.
Several poignant changes minister to a new EcoDiesel’s softened energetic and fuel economy performance.

  • A new-generation water-cooled turbocharger with non-static geometry is some-more fit and provides softened response as engine rpms arise and fall
  • Redesigned intake ports to urge engine opening and fuel economy
  • Introduction of a dual, high-pressure and low-pressure empty gas recirculation system, a initial for a diesel engine in North America. The EcoDiesel’s existent high-pressure EGR, with cooling empty gases drawn from a empty manifold, is protracted with a low-pressure EGR complement that draws empty gases after they exit a diesel particulate filter. The further of cooler, low-pressure empty gas creates a poignant grant to softened fuel economy and revoke oxides of nitrogen (NOx)
  • The application ratio is altered to 16.0:1 from 16.5:1, that helps revoke empty emissions, quite NOx
  • Redesigned high-pressure (29,000 psi/2,000 bar) direct-injection fuel injector nozzles
  • Combustion cover geometry optimized to urge fuel economy
  • Redesigned aluminum-alloy pistons urge fuel economy. The redesigned pistons use thinner piston rings and cloaking on a side skits to revoke friction
  • The piston pin is equivalent 0.3 degrees from a centerline to revoke “piston slap” opposite a cylinder wall, minimizing NVH
  • The revoke apportionment of a two-piece oil sump uses a sandwiched polymer/metal element to revoke NVH
  • The Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) complement is 50 percent incomparable and incorporates a new-generation diesel burning matter with a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) complement to revoke NOx
  • New-generation stop complement opening siphon with low-friction blades contributes to softened fuel economy

The upgrades build on a EcoDiesel V-6’s attributes and opening that finished it a leader of Wards 10 Best Engines endowment for 3 uninterrupted years.
The 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 uses twin beyond camshafts (DOHC) with 4 valves per cylinder and a 60-degree angle between a cylinder banks. The retard is expel with compressed graphite iron, that provides strength to moderate vibrations, though weighs reduction than grey expel iron. A compressed graphite iron bedplate adds acerbity to a block.
The EcoDiesel V-6 uses a fake steel crankshaft and joining rods for strength and durability. The aluminum amalgamate pistons are cooled on a underside around oil jets. Heat-treated aluminum cylinder heads use particular temperament caps to revoke attrition and minimize NVH. The chain-driven beyond camshafts occupy roller-finger followers.
The 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 is constructed during a FCA Cento trickery in Ferrara, Italy.
Ram 1500
The 2020 Ram 1500 is a no-compromise benchmark for durability, technology, potency and preference with facilities never before offering in a pickup. The Ram 1500 facilities adult to 12,750 pounds of towing capability (5.7-liter HEMI V-8) and 2,300 pounds of payload. Ram’s eTorque amiable hybrid complement delivers softened fuel potency in both V-6 (standard) and V-8 configurations. As a shred disrupter, a new Uconnect 4C with a large 12-inch touchscreen leads a pickup universe in technology, featuring split-screen capability, 360-degree camera views and disdainful calm from SiriusXM with 360L. Active reserve and certainty systems embody adaptive journey control, Forward Collision Warning, Blind-spot Monitoring and Ready Alert Braking. Class-leading float and doing is achieved around a class-exclusive link-coil back cessation complement with discretionary Active-level four-corner atmosphere suspension. The 2020 Ram 1500 also facilities twice a interior storage ability contra a competition.
Unsurpassed powertrain guaranty – 5 years/100,000 miles
The 2020 Ram 1500 is corroborated with a five-year /100,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty. The powertrain-limited guaranty covers a cost of all tools and labor indispensable to correct a lonesome powertrain member – engine, delivery and expostulate system.
The customary three-year/36,000-mile Basic Limited Warranty provides bumper-to-bumper coverage for a Ram 1500, from a physique to a electrical system.
The 2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is built during a Sterling Heights Assembly Plant (SHAP) in Sterling Heights, Michigan.
About Ram Truck Brand
In 2009, a Ram Truck code launched as a stand-alone division, focused on assembly a final of lorry buyers and delivering benchmark-quality vehicles.
That concentration leads Ram to pattern a industry’s many innovative, award-winning trucks, emphasizing durability, strength, record and efficiency.
With a full lineup of trucks, including ProMaster and ProMaster City vans, a Ram code builds trucks that get a tough work finished and families where they need to go. From a no-compromise Ram 1500 that defines a destiny of pickup trucks with innovative design, a top peculiarity materials and class-exclusive technology, to a Ram Heavy Duty that combines a ability to out-power, out-tow and out-haul each singular aspirant with a segment’s many gentle float and handling, Ram is committed to product leadership.
Ram continues to outperform a foe and sets a benchmarks for:

  • Most powerful: 1,000 lb.-ft of torque with Cummins Turbo Diesel
  • Highest towing capacity: 35,100 lbs. with Ram 3500
  • Heaviest payloads: 7,680 lbs. with Ram 3500
  • Most luxurious: Ram Limited with genuine wood, genuine leather and 12-inch Uconnect touchscreen
  • Best float and doing with disdainful couple curl back and auto-level atmosphere suspensions
  • Most interior space with Ram Mega Cab
  • Most able full-size off-road pickup – Ram Power Wagon
  • Most-awarded light-duty lorry in America
  • Highest owners faithfulness of any half-ton pickup
  • Over a final 30 years, Ram has a top commission of pickups still on a road

Giving limit bid all day, each day with confidence, the Ram Truck lineup stairs brazen with a full force of complicated capability providing confidence-inspiring facilities and class-exclusive car safety.

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