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Prizes from Fiat for a winners of a ‘Design, Future, Accessibility’ contest

  • Sebastian, Thanos and Antonio are a winners of a ‘social contest’ by ACEA in partnership with a Fiat Brand
  • The esteem is a stay in Turin to see a Fiat Style Centre adult close, one of a world’s many prestigious automotive pattern locations
  • The 3 immature winners were welcomed by Roberto Giolito, Vice President Design Fiat Chrysler EMEA


Today in Turin, Roberto Giolito, Vice President Design Fiat Chrysler EMEA, welcomed a 3 winners of a ‘Design, Future, Accessibility’ competition launched in Nov by a European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) in partnership with a Fiat Brand, to a Fiat Style Centre.


The Greek Thanos Pappas, German Sebastian Grenzhäuser and Italian Antonio Paglia were so given a singular knowledge in one of a world’s automotive pattern capitals, exchanging ideas with a Fiat Style Centre team, who judged their works as a many sensitive and extensive of those entered in a contest.


Sebastian, Thanos and Antonio’s ideas, together with those of a other entrants, arrived during a ‘Our Future Mobility Now’ (OFMN) Facebook page. This plan was combined by ACEA with a aim of delving into a issues related to a mobility of a destiny and a sustainability, and a aim of involving immature people via Europe.


The competition promoted by ACEA and Fiat came to be within a OFMN project, in sequence to lift a recognition of immature people in propinquity to one of a essential aspects of a mobility of a future: accessibility, in all a forms. This was finished with a aim of highlighting and contracting a talents of a many immature people who are ardent about mobility.


The beginning was launched ‘live on a web’ from Fiat’s Google Plus and YouTube channels, with Roberto Giolito and a designers of a Fiat Style Centre providing ideas, reflections and their judgment of ‘Design, Future, Accessibility’. It saw a eager participation, above all, of immature people between 18 and 34, from all European countries, especially male, though with a poignant womanlike appearance among a entrants aged underneath 34.



All a projects that reached a dedicated Facebook page were afterwards assessed by a same Fiat designers according to criteria of originality, impulse and a ability to predict destiny scenarios. Sebastian, a artistic from Hamburg, a immature striking engineer Thanos and Antonio, an engineer and engineer from Milan, emerged as a winners and a doors of a Fiat Style Centre were non-stop to them today. They had a genuine full soak arrangement experience. The 3 went on to revisit a enthralling and revamped Turin Automobile Museum.


This concludes another poignant beginning saying a appearance of ACEA and Fiat web community, tellurian bodies joined both in a bid to visualize a mobility and sustainability of tomorrow and in a enterprise to prominence talent, above all of a young, a substructure of a universe of tomorrow.



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Turin, 19 Feb 2014