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Prominent Appearance: New ŠKODA Superb is ‘Red Car’ in Tour de France 2015

Just a few brief weeks after being launched on a market, a new ŠKODA Superb is removing prepared for a subsequent vast appearance. As a central ‘Red Car’ in this year’s Tour de France, ŠKODA’s new flagship will be rolling into a tellurian spotlight. This is a twelfth time ŠKODA AUTO has been an central partner of a Tour de France, that will be holding place from 4 to 26 July.

​Four ŠKODA Superbs will be used as a ‘Red Car’ in this year’s Tour de France. ŠKODA presented a vehicles to a Tour organisers, a Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) yesterday. ŠKODA has been an central partner and central automobile partner of a Tour de France given 2004. Under this agreement, a Czech carmaker will be handing over a keys to 250 vehicles, including ŠKODA Octavia estates and ŠKODA Superbs.

“Being used as a ‘Red Car’ will put a new Superb on a grand stage,” says Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “At this illusory sporting event, we are looking brazen to presenting a flagship not usually to a millions of spectators along a track though also to several hundred million people examination on TV or online around a world.”

The new ŠKODA Superb was launched on a initial markets in mid-June. With fluent designs, considerable technical facilities and a many interior space in a class, ŠKODA’s totally redesigned flagship is environment a standards in a segment, and has revolutionised a brand’s pattern language. Based on a Volkswagen Group’s innovative MQB technology, a third era of ŠKODA’s tip indication has reached a new level, in terms of safety, comfort, connectivity as good as eco-friendliness, and has changed to a upper-end of a automotive mid-class.

As a central ‘Red Car’ heading a supplement field, a new ŠKODA Superb will be manifest to all fans. During a tour, a automobile serves as a ‘mobile authority centre’ for a Tour management. It is from here that Tour Director Christian Prudhomme gives a immature light to start any morning, organises a trade transformation around a Pelothon, and keeps in consistent hit with a marshals. In addition, a ‘Red Car’ is a usually automobile that can cranky a finish line of any theatre with a riders.

With a many interior space in a segment, a new ŠKODA Superb creates a ideal ‘Red Car’. Christian Prudhomme can demeanour brazen to space and comfort fit for a Royal. In terms of legroom, there is no other automobile in a automotive mid-class that could contest with a new Superb: 157 mm – that is around twice as most room as a nearest competitor. The third era even has some-more headroom and latitude than a second.

Christian Prudhomme praises a car’s well-developed volume of room: “I adore my ŠKODA Superb. It’s a illusory car. Gilles Maignan, my driver, is 6’2″ like me, and we can lay in a behind really absolutely – even channel my legs isn’t a problem. This year, I’ll have a payoff of travelling in this new era and being means to try out these new comfort features.”

The new Superb has been embellished in ‘Corrida-Red’ for a coming in a Tour. The drivetrain consists of a 2.0 TDI/140 kW (190 hp) (1) diesel engine total with a DSG six-speed gearbox.

The interior of a ‘Red Car’ facilities an considerable operation of technical equipment, including 4 radio channels, to broadcast and accept orders and information. The record can be tranquil from a behind of a automobile where a vast centre console has been installed. In addition, a red Superb boasts a breathtaking potion roof that can be non-stop from a behind chair during a hold of a button.

The code will be an ever-present pitch during this year’s Tour with a clever ŠKODA fleet. ŠKODA will be handing over a keys to around 250 cars, especially ŠKODA Octavia estates and ŠKODA Superbs to offer as convey vehicles. Providing this profitable use has been ŠKODA’s joining for a series of years. During their three-week assignment, a vehicles will cover around 2.8 million kilometres. Since 2004, a ŠKODA swift has clocked adult around 30 million kilometres. This is where ŠKODA shines with a top reliability: not once have any of these vehicles damaged down.

ŠKODA will be sponsoring a Green Jersey – ragged by a best competitor – for a initial time during this year’s Tour. Activities in electronic media will element a brand’s sponsorship of a Tour de France.

Cycling is a cornerstone of ŠKODA’s sponsorship strategy. Besides a Tour de France and a Tour of Spain (‘Vuelta’), a automobile manufacturer supports other general cycling races and countless general and inhabitant grassroots cycling events. Furthermore, ŠKODA offers many bicycles and cycling accessories in their product range.

Sponsoring cycling events shows a special attribute a code has with a bicycle. It was with a construction of bicycles that ŠKODA’s first fathers Václav Laurin and Václav Klement began a company’s success story 120 years ago.


1) Superb 2,0 TDI DSG 140 kW (190 PS) – civic 5.4 l/100km, additional civic 4.1-4.0 l/100km, total 4.6-4.5 l/100km, CO2 emissions total 119-118 g/km, CO2 potency category A