Mercedes-Benz Canada

Protection in collision scenarios: Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE?.

For many years, PRE-SAFE®, a surety passenger insurance system, has supplemented a classical pattern measures. The outcome is extensive insurance that starts good before an collision and is still effective after a accident. Extensive pushing assistance systems, as good as a worldly pile-up sensor system, capacitate PRE-SAFE® to recognize a expected impact in even some-more situations than before. The protecting outcome of a systems is softened with a precisely concurrent response of a patience systems and a series of other measures. As a result, PRE-SAFE® is now means to incorporate an approaching side-on collision, for example, in a eventuality of accidents during junctions by means of a close-range radar sensors and move a occupants into a best probable position before to an approaching impact. Unlike in a box of a frontal collision, there is usually a singular press section accessible in a eventuality of a side impact. To boost a distance of this zone, a new PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side duty moves a passenger in a risk section divided from a doorway and towards a centre of a car only before an approaching side impact.