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Pure&Crafted Festival presented by BMW Motorrad on Aug 26 + 27 – Interpol, bikes and Berlin’s industrial attract during the best.

Munich. From Aug 26-27, PureCrafted Festival
presented by BMW Motorrad will applaud a third book during the
Altes Kraftwerk Rummelsburg in Berlin. This year, a singular festival
not usually takes place during a new plcae though boasts a first-class
programme as well: a US band Interpol headlines the
festival with one of a singular Germany shows, behaving – as if it
wasn’t adequate already – ‘Turn on a Bright Lights’ in a entirety to
symbol a album’s 15th anniversary. Will Toledo alias Car Seat
will charm us with his honest lyrics, closely
followed by RAZZ, Kytes, and
PICTURES. Gurr, a energetic
Berlinerinnen by choice, will conquer a theatre with their really own
genre invention: New Wave Gurrlcore. Giant Rooks,
ABAY, The Dead Lovers and
The Rob Ryan Roadshow have also confirmed
appearances. Once again, a PureCrafted Festival is not just
about a low-pitched highlights. All border events are packaged with
farrago and high-quality standards.

Wheels Area and children’s programme for large and little
The tradition bike stage is an integral
partial of a festival. Hand-picked workshops and dealers will present
their suave bikes in a alfresco Wheels Area. Alongside passionate
tradition workshops like Krautmotors, Berham
, Urban Motor and Berlin’s really own
horse-powered, women usually motorcycle club, The
, a mythological Motodrom will return,
stability a bequest not with dual or three, though with 4 sensational
BMW R 25/0 bikes concurrently holding on a ‘Wall of Death’.

On location, a BMW Werk Berlin will delicately
caterer your two-wheeler with hand-drawn lining, since a BMW
Motorrad Truck
invites we to exam a latest models. If
we prefer, we can take a practical exam float with a ‘Eye-Ride’
goggles. As if that wasn’t sparkling adequate for a small ones, the
festival presents a quite different children’s programme this
year: a ‘Spielmobil’ is an brave kids area in
that a bravest small daredevils can pass a PureCrafted
drivers exam by holding on a special kids parcour.

Hand-picked exhibitors during a General Store during Maschinenhaus.

While in a outside area it’s all about mods and
tradition jobs, a General Store, located during a architecturally
considerable Maschinenhaus, will captivate we in with a reward new
birthright brands. From a excellent leather products to high-quality
textiles to must-haves for any biker, exhibitors like Blaumann
, Red Wing Shoes,
Leevenstein, Gestalten,
Süssmädchen and many some-more entice we on an extensive
selling debauch with zero left to be desired.

Vendors like Golden Burgers, Imbizan
and Urban Canteen will spoil we with
culinary travel food delights, and for all your low decrease needs,
don’t demur to check out TABAC’s coiffeur shop. As
in prior years, a Movember Foundation
compelling men’s health – is a central gift partner.

Festival pre-sale tickets are accessible during €24.
Day tickets for Saturday (€19) and Sunday (€5) are
also accessible around Booking fees will apply.

Children adult to and including 13 years of age have giveaway admission.




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In 2016, a BMW Group sole approximately 2.367 million cars and
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