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Quotes after subordinate during Brands Hatch

Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich (Head of Audi Motorsport): “If a conditions in a competition tomorrow is usually as tighten as it was currently in qualifying, a DTM fans can demeanour brazen to a genuine thriller. As, discordant to a strange forecasts, a continue is ostensible to sojourn dry now, so we’ll be saying a choice tires in movement as well. With a brief laps during Brands Hatch, creation a right vital decisions will be even some-more critical than during Hockenheim.”

Dieter Gass (Head of DTM): “Basically, with 4 cars in a tip ten, we softened a group outcome compared to Hockenheim. But I’d have wished for a dual back cars to have been a bit over in front. ‘Rocky’ delivered a glorious subordinate opening – from a commencement to a end, he was in quarrel during a unequivocally front in any segment. He put that on lane in Q4 as good and so deserves carrying clinched a place on a front row. I’m anticipating that a bit some-more will be probable tomorrow.”

Mike Rockenfeller (Schaeffler Audi RS 5 DTM), grid position 2
“We had a good automobile right in giveaway use and in subordinate here it’s always unequivocally close. The front quarrel on a grid is a dream. Despite carrying hardly missed stick I’m unequivocally pleased.”

Timo Scheider (AUTO TEST Audi RS 5 DTM), grid position 6
“This morning, we already had slight problems in giveaway use – generally in a discerning turns. We didn’t conduct to totally stop that. As there were usually 25 thousandths of a second lacking for Q4, it’s tough to contend what a reason was. From sixth place, it’s still probable to expostulate a flattering decent race. At Hockenheim, we started from initial place and finished in sixth, maybe here it’ll be accurately a other approach around …”

Edoardo Mortara (Playboy Audi RS 5 DTM), grid position 9
“I’m a little unhappy with a approach subordinate went. we had a good car. In Q3, we done dual mistakes. That’s since we didn’t get over ninth place. we consider that though a mistakes we could have simply done it into a shoot-out.”

Miguel Molina (Audi RS 5 DTM), grid position 10
“That wasn’t a bad subordinate event for me. we was in Q3. Unfortunately, we had a little mistake in my final turn. And since here during Brands Hatch a margin is so tighten together in terms of a times, that means it’s not adequate to pierce on. But for me it’s a large step brazen compared to Hockenheim. On a whole, I’m happy.”

Mattias Ekström (Red Bull Audi RS 5 DTM), grid position 13
“I’m unhappy with this Saturday. Even in giveaway practice, my automobile wasn’t functioning optimally. That continued in qualifying, so we wasn’t means to expostulate any unequivocally good times. I’m anticipating for tomorrow.”

Adrien Tambay (Audi ultra RS 5 DTM), grid position 16
“This is unequivocally not a outcome we’d been wishing for. we shop-worn my automobile on a initial path in Q1, maybe we mislaid a bit there in terms of performance. we also done a little mistake in a final turn, that cost additional time and positions. That’s a genuine shame. Now we’ve got to do a good pursuit of scheming ourselves and conflict tomorrow.”

Jamie Green (Red Bull Audi RS 5 DTM), grid position 18
“Unfortunately, my fastest path in Q1 was cancelled since we crossed a finish line usually a little bit too late. Otherwise I’d have done it into Q2 – and afterwards I’d have continued to pierce brazen on a grid. That’s frustrating, unfortunately.”

Filipe Albuquerque (Audi Financial Services RS 5 DTM), grid position 19
“The whole weekend hasn’t been going good for me so far. In giveaway practice, we didn’t have an optimal set-up. For qualifying, my group and we done some changes, though that didn’t urge things a lot. 19th place isn’t satisfactory. But during Hockenheim we saw that overtaking is probable in a DTM in 2013, that’s since I’m still flattering confident for a race.”

Hans-Jürgen Abt (Team Director Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline): “That was unequivocally a fair-to-middling subordinate event for us. we consider some-more would have been possible. But we were possibly in trade or didn’t get a laps right on a dot. In a end, we’re good prepared for a competition and are anticipating to bind a decent result.”  

Ernst Moser (Team Director Audi Sport Team Phoenix): “I’m unapproachable of my team. ‘Rocky’ and Miguel (Molina) both did a glorious job. The front quarrel is a good outcome for ‘Rocky.’ Miguel was unequivocally discerning too. For him, some-more than a fifth quarrel would have been probable – he had a intensity for a place during a unequivocally front too. In a final analysis, both cars showed a glorious opening and we’re holding that with us into a competition now. I’m anticipating for us to be in quarrel for feat with both cars.”

Arno Zensen (Team Director Audi Sport Team Rosberg): “After a bad outcome from a giveaway use event it was appreciative that we during slightest put Edoardo (Mortara) into a tip ten. For him, though his mistake in a final turn, some-more would substantially have been possible. That was a shame.”

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