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Racetrack premiere for a new turbo generation: BMW M Motorsport completes initial exam with a new 2019 deteriorate BMW M4 DTM.

Estoril. The new turbo epoch in a DTM has begun. Following a
successful rollout, a new BMW M4 DTM for a 2019 deteriorate has made
a racetrack debut. BMW M Motorsport finished a initial winter
exam with a subsequent era BMW M4 DTM mutated to accommodate Class 1
regulations during Estoril (POR) this week. The dual BMW DTM drivers,
Bruno Spengler (CAN) and Marco Wittmann (GER), took it in turns
behind a circle during a 3 days of testing.


The core of a BMW M4 DTM mutated to accommodate Class 1 regulations is
a newly grown and intensely fit two-litre turbo engine.
The cooling complement was also mutated for a new unit. The regulations
yield for changes in some areas of a aerodynamics in addition. BMW
M Motorsport used a exam in Portugal to weigh these innovations
on a racetrack for a initial time, thereby entertainment important
information for serve preparations for a arriving season.


“The initial exam days with a new BMW M4 DTM with a turbo engine
were so most fun,” pronounced Spengler. “It is also unequivocally engaging for us
as drivers to be concerned in a growth of a new DTM racing car.
we have been pushing DTM cars with V8 engines for 14 years, and this
was a initial time that I’ve been on a racetrack with a
four-cylinder turbo engine. This is totally new to me and is so much
fun. The automobile feels good and we am looking brazen to a subsequent tests.”


“The automobile feels unequivocally cold when you’re pushing it and it is so much
fun,” reliable Wittmann. “You unequivocally can feel a opening and the
torque of a new engine and a mutated aerodynamics meant that the
automobile behaves differently. I’m overwhelmingly certain after a initial
exam and we consider that a fans unequivocally have something to demeanour forward
to. From a outward we can clearly tell that a cars are much
faster than final year. This will really make for some-more of a
spectacle. And we can encourage a fans: a sound stays as good as
ever. Personally, we cite it to a prior engines. It sounds a
small different, though it is conjunction still nor bad. we like it and I
consider that a fans will as well. The changes to a cars for 2019 are
really positive, and we enjoyed being in a automobile for a initial
exam and scheming a automobile for a deteriorate with a engineers and mechanics.”


The subsequent exam drives with a new BMW M4 DTM are scheduled for
10th and 11th Dec during Jerez, Spain.