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Record gain in Scania Financial Services

Operating income in Scania Financial Services increasing to some-more than SEK 1 billion during 2014. Customers are increasingly selecting Scania as their long-term partner in car financing, that has meant a flourishing portfolio. Lower bad debt losses and softened margins also contributed to a softened earnings.

In sum 35,097 trucks, buses and trailers were financed during 2014, compared to 33,109 units in 2013. Scania ́s financial portfolio grew to SEK 55.6 billion, a banking practiced boost of 8 percent. Operating income in Financial Services rose to a record high SEK 1,016 m. (719).

“More and some-more of a business see a advantages in Scania ́s altogether solutions. We are a long-term partner that can support a patron regardless of a business climate. In serve to a expansion of a financial portfolio, we see a poignant boost in direct for word solutions,” says Scania’s President and CEO Martin Lundstedt.

By charity business word solutions, Scania can minister to a quicker word claims process.

“Together with Scania ́s high peculiarity use organisation, a business can minimise a disastrous effects of random downtime ,” explains Lundstedt.

Lower bad debt expenses

Bad debt losses amounted to SEK 167 m. during 201 4, that was reduce than a prior year (SEK 297 m). Scania ́s patron financial portfolio is good diversified with courtesy to geography, attention and patron size, that boundary a risks.

“The reduce bad debt losses prove that we have a really veteran patron bottom and that a business achieved good in ubiquitous during 2014. It is also a outcome of a serve softened indication for underwriting cred it and operative tighten to a customers,” comments Koen Knoops, Head of Scania Financial Services.