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Record Nov for ŠKODA More than 1 million ŠKODAs constructed and sole in 2014

ŠKODA is bubbling forward in 2014. Between Jan and Nov 2014, a Czech carmaker delivered 955,300 vehicles around a universe – 34,500 some-more vehicles than in a whole of 2013, and 16,100 some-more deliveries than a prior record year – 2012. ŠKODA deliveries in Nov augmenting 10.1% to 90,200 units. This was a best Nov so distant in corporate history, and a Chinese marketplace has been a clever motorist of growth. ŠKODA’s sales in China augmenting 46.9% this Nov over Nov 2013.

“ŠKODA will set a new sales record this year. Following a certain formula in November, a miracle of one million vehicles constructed and sole in one calendar year is certain,” says ŠKODA CEO Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “Producing and offered one million ŠKODA cars for a initial time in one year is a miracle for a brand, and has done a whole group really proud.”

The fortitude of this sales success has been a brand’s ongoing indication campaign, by that a association is also winning over new consumer groups. The new ŠKODA Fabia has been on a initial European markets given mid-November, and a new ŠKODA Fabia Combi (estate) will be streamer to a dealerships in early 2015. Both physique versions underline emotive designs, limit functionality, low expenditure and innovative record from aloft car classes.

In Western Europe, ŠKODA achieved 33,000 deliveries this Nov (November 2013: 34,000). After eleven months ŠKODA’s marketplace share rose to 3.4% (January to Nov 2014: 3.2%). In ŠKODA’s strongest European market, Germany, a code delivered 12,100 vehicles this Nov (November 2013: 12,300). In a UK, ŠKODA sole 5600 vehicles, representing an boost of 0.3% over Nov final year. The manufacturer available double-digit expansion in Nov in Spain (1400 vehicles; adult 12.1%), Belgium (1500 vehicles; adult 17.5%), Italy (1300 vehicles; adult 30.4%) and Portugal (200 vehicles; adult 37.5%).

In Eastern Europe, including Russia, ŠKODA’s deliveries to business stood during 10,600 vehicles (November 2013: 11,300). After eleven months, ŠKODA’s marketplace share had augmenting to 4.4% (January to Nov 2013: 3.9%). In Russia, a code sole 7600 vehicles, representing an boost of 2.9% over Nov 2013. The marketplace share in Russia rose to 3.8% this Nov (January to Nov 2013: 3.4%). ŠKODA available double-digit expansion in Romania (800 vehicles; adult 37.0%), as good as in Bulgaria (200 vehicles; adult 10.7%).

In Central Europe ŠKODA delivered 12,800 vehicles in November, representing an boost of 1.6% over Nov 2013. After a initial eleven months, a marketplace share had risen to over 20% (20.2%), after 19.1% by a finish of Nov 2013. In a Czech home market, a brand’s sales had augmenting 10% to 6500 vehicles by a finish of Nov (November 2013: 5900). In Slovenia, ŠKODA’s sales augmenting 3.1%.

ŠKODA is in glorious figure in China – a brand’s strongest sales marketplace in a world. In November, a company’s sales augmenting 46.9% to 26,800 vehicles (November 2013: 18,200). So distant this year, ŠKODA has sole 250,600 vehicles on a Chinese marketplace – some-more than ever before in one calendar year. The indication many in direct this November, introduced in China in a summer, was a new ŠKODA Octavia, with sales augmenting 112.4%.

ŠKODA sole some-more models in Turkey this Nov than ever before in a singular month: 1800 units (up 21.6%). The code achieved their third-best monthly sales outcome in Israel, with deliveries augmenting 23.3% to 1600 vehicles (November 2013: 1,300). In India, ŠKODA achieved 1200 deliveries to business this Nov (November 2013: 1600).

ŠKODA deliveries to business in Nov 2014 (in units, dull off, by model; +/- in percent over Nov 2013):

ŠKODA Octavia (36,400; +18.2%)
ŠKODA Rapid (19,000; +30.5%)
ŠKODA Fabia (12,600; -13.0%)
ŠKODA Yeti (8700; -1.3%)
ŠKODA Superb (7300; +3.0%)
ŠKODA Roomster (2700; -6.5%)
ŠKODA Citigo (Only sole in Europe: 3400; +4.8%)